An update, a few good men, upcoming shoots & more

It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to do a blog, especially when I’m still waiting for the hotel in Spain to reimburse me, so I can purchase a new laptop (as you’ll recall mine was stolen). I decided I would ask a friend to borrow their computer to make this blog a reality.

Things have been very productive over the last month. I’ve been wandering around doing private wrestling matches and scouting new talent. A couple fun matches and one, let’s say interesting match. I enjoy doing session wrestling. It’s a fun way to travel and meet people. Far more often than not, I have a great time and meet someone who I stay in touch with.¬† I’ll save the “interesting” story for last.

Let’s hear about the good stuff.

Well, I’ve been living in a hotel room for the last two weeks and am finally back in my own bed. I had decided to do a shoot out in Los Angeles, as there has been lots of hot, new guys out that way, plus I had to meet with Ron Sexton and a few other business associates for various reasons.


The shoot went well. We filmed over 15 wrestling matches including a Halloween party. It was great to meet Lance Hart & Trenton Ducati. I’ve seen them all over the internet and they were cool guys to meet with. Mr. Ducati was surprised at how much energy went into these matches and gave kudos to all the talent involved as being in fantastic wrestling shape.

Instagram stud, Cali Boy was a hell of an addition to the roster. 6’1″ and 180 pounds. The boy next door good looks and his quick learning of the wrestling scene is gonna lead to him returning many times over the next few months.

Also, Clayton (who was suggested to me by a fan) was amazing. I’ve never seen a stronger looking 145 pound wrestler. His body drenched in sweat and his muscles strained made for an exciting match every time he climbed into the ring.

The site is heading in the right direction. My six hour meeting with Ron Sexton was really more two buddies hanging out. He gave me a scenic tour of his neighborhood…and I suggested we become neighbors ūüėČ Enjoyed a nice dinner at a small cafe near North Hollywood. It’s great getting to know a legend in the wrestling business and hearing his stories. He’s got a lot of knowledge, kindness and stamina.

We discussed some details that I wanted to work out for the site and over the next few weeks we will be implementing them. I expect things to become more user-friendly.

Also, I finally got to go to Adonis Lounge in West Hollywood. Thanks to Matt for the hospitality. We will definitely be working together in the next few weeks to do another West Coast shoot. If you haven’t checked out Adonis Lounge in LA or NYC, I suggest you do. Plenty of studs in there.


October 17th: Ethan Axel Andrews, Alvin James, Charlie Panther & Austin Tyler

October 20th:
Guido Genatto, Cam Zagucci, Ace Owens, Blake Starr, Ryan Zivens, Chase Sinn, Marco Thunder, Scrappy and two new guys.

November 11th: Zach Altovito, Cal Bennett, Ronnie Pearl, Joe from Adonis Lounge, Stone (New Guy from ATL),  Alex Oliver and more

Will be doing something in Chicago area & Los Angeles area in December and January. Keep sending in the wrestling recommendations and custom match requests:

The Story You’ve Been Waiting For….Or Maybe Not:

While out in Los Angeles recently, I met up for a session with someone I had never met, but had seen their name many times on the internet. I show up to the session and meet a good looking guy who is in very good shape.

We chatted a bit, as it custom in any first meeting, and he admitted that he had posted my videos on the internet after he purchased them to help spread awareness of W4H. The videos are copyrighted material and it is illegal to post them like he was doing. I was less than happy when he brazenly admitted to doing so….he said it was my responsibility to “police the internet” for the videos he posted. THEN he told me his real-life job was a lawyer. WOW! I couldn’t believe this guy.

It gets more interesting. This guy reaches up into his cupboard to reveal a brown box. Inside he pulls out a 32 ounce bottle of CHLOROFORM!!!! Now, this makes me nervous. I was hired to do a playful wrestling session and now this guy, whom I don’t know, shows me his secret weapon.

What a wild night?! I got out of there and have been sharing this story with my friends. One, who is a lawyer in Chicago, told me that I could have this guy debarred for him knowingly breaking copyright law. I’m not sure what I’ll do, but it was definitely a unique experience.

After I left there, I needed something more tame, so I walked a few blocks over to another house, where I dressed up as Spider-man and chased my victim around his house. What will my next LA trip bring? Never a dull moment in Hollywood ūüôā

Hope you enjoyed this update.

Lots to say

A lot has gone on since my last blog post.

I am currently sitting at my apartment outside Tampa debating whether or not I’ll be sticking around for this crazy storm that seems to be coming right for me. I’ve looked into going to Atlanta for a few days and will be making a decision later tonight or tomorrow. Apparently, you can’t buy flood insurance when a storm is already on its’ way. Oops. Hopefully things blow over (no pun intended) and the damage will be very minimal.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been putting together three (3) film shoots with various talents, especially lots of new faces. Waiting to finalize 2 of the shoot dates, but I have confirmed 1 and expect the other two to be confirmed next week.

September 28th, I will be filming in Southern California. So far I have the following committed to coming: Jobe Zander, Chace LaChance, Lance Hart, Trenton Ducati, an Instagam stud and a couple others.

I shall post more about the other two shoots shortly.

Did a little back-packing around Europe with a couple friends this past month. Well, back packed for about half the trip until I got to Barcelona and had my back pack stolen from the hotel office. Everything inside was taken, too. Passport, wallet (credit cards, debit cards, license, social security card, etc.), laptop, watch and a few other random items. I reported it to the police and got a new passport at the Consulate, so at least I was able to travel back home.

I thought that was going to be the worst part of the trip, but I was wrong. The very next day I was wondering around the Ramblas and Gotic area of Barcelona with my friend. We were looking for something, but realized we were walking in the wrong direction and turned around. Only a couple minutes later did we see crowds of people running from the street we were just on. We thought they were late for something. Boy, were we wrong.

We didn’t realize it until nearly 15 minutes later, after receiving several text messages checking to see if we were okay. At first, I thought people were just checking on me because I had my bag stolen and was without several important items. Apparently, we dodged potential harm but less than a handful of minutes. The next few hours were very edgy and confusing. We spent another 36 hours in Barcelona before heading out to the South of France.

On the train ride to France, I was kicked off the train. I don’t speak any languages more than a few words other than my native English. It was early in the morning and I had sprawled out to relax on the 3+ hour ride to Montpellier (France). The conductor (is that what they are called?) said something to me in Spanish, to which I responded that I do not understand what he said. He made an angry gesture, which amused me, so I smiled and took my feet off the seat. Apparently, smiling makes people even more upset and he continued to say things in obvious anger in Spanish. I told him I only speak English, so I cannot understand what he is trying to tell me. He aggressively asked for my passport and ticket. He laughed when he found out I was American and even made a remark while chuckling to his assistant about it. There was no need for any frustration on his part.

Well, to make a long story short, that was my first time being pulled off the train by police. They threatened me with jail time, even leading me to the police cruiser and opening the door. Luckily, I recorded this interaction, so I had that for my protection. Which is why they threatened me with being arrested. The police claimed it was illegal to record them. I asked to speak to the supervisor but was told “I am the boss” by the officer. Definitely not my favorite travel experience.

Before that and after that I had a good time though. Landed in London early on a Thursday and explored the city a bit before heading up to Birmingham to wrestle on a live pro event with some friends of mine. The show was small and intimate. Definitely great being back in action. Looking forward to more matches this fall.

From England, we went to Segovia (Spain) and Madrid. Segovia is a gorgeous town that’d I’d definitely recommend checking out. Madrid was alright. Not as much to see there as I expected. Saw my first (and last) bull fight. Not what I expected at all. And I’m not sure, but the event staff didn’t seem to allow us to leave. Again, language barrier, but we were chauffeured back to our seats to finish the show. A few American girls behind else watched the bull fights from behind the hands.

We hopped in the car and drove to Barcelona through Zaragoza. Decent lunch stop. I was asked by the local police to put my shirt back on. I didn’t question it. Anyone know why this is?

France was great. Just what I needed up in the French Alps. Gorgeous area. Probably my favorite spot on the trip and I’ll likely find an excuse to go back. ¬†I wish I had my phone linked to my computer, but that laptop was stolen so I’d have to email the photos to myself in order to post them, so hopefully my words are enough to get you to google the area. Caught a great sunset in Andre The Giant’s fictional hometown. Would you believe not one monument of the legend in the area?

Hopped on a plane to Rome and met up with another friend there. Rome was packed and sweaty. Great to see some of the all-time great sights like the Coliseum and Vatican. I snuck a couple photos in the Sistine Chapel. Got some great footage of the Coliseum at sunrise. I’m not sure I saw everything I should’ve while I was there. It looked smaller than I expected and it seemed every piece of architecture was incredible.

We sat waiting for a little movie scene to be shot near one of the monuments, but we got bored, so decided to finish our drinks and head to bed.

Also, saw Florence & Venice. Two beautiful places. I saw many early sunrises to catch some video and photos of these beautiful places. I’ll definitely go back to Venice, but not during August. Too sticky, even with me being from Florida.

In Florence, I saw the famed Statue of Cameron (fka Statue of David) and another statue of me and one of my opponents (see above)

I enjoy getting into other countries and exploring places outside what I am used to. Plenty of the world left to see, so looking for any excuse to go. Let me know if you have a good one for me.

It’s just about 8pm on Friday. This hurricane looks like it’s coming right for me, so I’m going to put the important stuff up on high shelves and get some clothes together in case I decide to leave. I’ve had a few friends invite me to their place, but I feel like this is a good excuse to go on a mini trip. Maybe Atlanta. Maybe Charlotte. Anyone got a place to crash or wrestle? Would like an excuse to get out of dodge before the waters flow in and I have to doggy paddle my way inland.

Sneak Peek

I’ve completed some more work so I figured I’d give you a quick look at a few pics from the last two shoots. Filmed 35+ that will be going onto the website over the next 2 to 3 months. Keep an eye out for the return of Ace Owens. The debuts of Austin Tyler, Coleman Free & Christian Satinall. Some extra hot matches starring Nathan FX, Jax Brewer, Cal Bennett, Zach Reno, Elite Eliot, Blake Starr, Matty O’Boy, Jobe Zander and others.

Been scouting a couple new filming locations. Found a couple in Los Angeles, have one or two I’m looking at in New York City and a few in Florida. Looking to film in Los Angeles & NYC in September. Will probably do a few private wrestling sessions and maybe a pro wrestling show or two in those areas.

Will be wrestling near Birmingham, England in a couple weeks. If that goes well, I expect to get back into the pro scene during this winter season. If you know any good wrestling leagues, let me know.

Without further ado….

How time flys

I thought I did a blog entry a couple weeks ago. Imagine my surprise when I logged in and realized it has been a month since my last post. Now don’t think that I’ve been lazy. I almost feel a little behind right now, even though I’ve been working almost everyday. Apparently, doing two shoots on back-to-back weekends and driving North to South on I-95 then back again wasn’t the easiest task.

The shoot went in New Hampshire went well. I had worried about the possibility of rain on the day of, which would have ruined my ideas for filming outside during the summer. At first, it was actually too hot to film outside…at least on the black vinyl canvassed wrestling ring. Every time your body touched the mat you’d instantly feel the heat. As a group we decided to film in the basement and on some smaller wrestling mats in the shade at my buddy’s place until the ring was useable. I think all three scenes (the basement, the ring and the mats background by¬†the New England woods) made for great visuals. Definitely gave me some ideas about finding other potential locations to film wrestling matches. Open to suggestions, for sure.

The night before the shoot, a few guys and I attended Ring of Honor in Massachusetts to visit some friends and have a fun, low-key night of entertainment. Got a great hook-up on some ringside seats and it’s possible if you tune into ROH TV that you may see me high-fiving some of my friends on their way to the ring. The crowd wasn’t nearly as big as I expected, which made me want to get back into promoting pro wrestling events. I was pretty good at arranging a good range of talent to perform and convincing a fair amount of fans to attend.

I recently did some traveling to the Southwest with some business friends. Had a great time and saw some incredible sights. What a beautiful part of the country.

Postponed my Euro-Trip for a couple weeks. Seems to be happening often with this travel itinerary. No worries. Things will work out. Looking like this is the schedule: London (Aug 10-15), Spain (Aug 16-18), Southern France (Aug 19-21), Switzerland (Aug 22),  Rome ( Aug 23-25), Venice (Aug 26-28)

Open to matches along the way, advice on what to see, potential tour guides and other stuff, so If you are in that travel path, please, hit me up and let’s chat.

What’s on my plate this week: Well, I’ve edited 37 or 38 videos and have finally converted them all. Halfway through the photos from both shoots, so about 2500+. Must start on movie trailers for this videos, follow-up on (the never-ending) e-mails then do write-ups/descriptions on the matches.

Have been liking the website videos more and more. Glad to see things heading in the right direction as far as improvements. Matty O’Boy & Zacky Darlin have been fantastic additions and solid guys all-around. Cal Bennett has been great in his return to wrestling. Glad he happened to be flying back into the country when I texted him that day. Talk about fate. Lots of good additions to the site and roster. I think 2017 will finish up surpassing what’s come to this point, which has me excited to see how great 2018 will be for the site.

Think that is everything ¬†I had ¬†(or wanted to) say. Hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you happen to be today. I’m off to work on a few things before bed. Only one am here, so I’ll be up for another 2 or 3 hours getting shit done ūüôā

Oh yeah, I know what I wanted to mentioned…thanks to you, I surpassed BG East in Facebook “likes” and followers. Pretty stoked about that. Hoping to keep growing and improving. Thanks for your help and feedback…and most of all for your support. I’ve been very lucky. So thank you dearly.

Long, Productive Day

This past weekend’s shoot started off rocky. I woke up Friday to a text from Cal Bennett saying he couldn’t check-in for his flight. I had put his airline ticket on a 24-hour hold, but forgot to go back to book it when I did the other tickets. Luckily, that was sorted out with a new flight for Cal landing Saturday (yesterday) morning at 11am.

Yesterday,I woke up at 6:30am so I could be ready to set up a pro wrestling ring that I had rented for the shoot that was supposed to be at the studio by 7:30am. I sent a text to check¬†on the ETA of the ring and was told “should be by 8:25,” which was almost an hour after the original time. Things happen and I can get a pro ring up in under an hour. So with the scheduled shoot time being 10am there should be sufficient time to get things up before I wanted to have the cameras rolling.

8:40 rolls around and no ring. I call the ring owner and he says he will see where his crew is at. He texts me back and says “they are 4 minutes away.” So it’s looking like the ring will be there by 9am. Nope. I call the driver of the ring truck and he says he’s in town. Anyway, the ring finally shows up at 9:30am (2 hours late and 30 minutes before the action is set to start). Luckily, there was a great crew of wrestlers/models that busted their asses helping set the ring up…Ace Owens, Elite Eliot, Nathan FX, Kayden Alexander and a couple crew guys (Mr. E & Tim Stickleman). With their help the ring was up only 15 minutes late and we were rock-n-rolling by 11am. We finished the shoot an hour later than I had planned (at 7pm) and were done and heading¬†to dinner by 7:30pm.

21 matches were filmed yesterday, including a few oil wrestling matches and some high-action pro matches. I even got in the ring to compete against Nick Justice & Ace Owens. I’ll be releasing that real soon. I’d say within 2 or 3 weeks…and I say it’s a must-see.

I’m at home today washing 3 or 4 loads of speedos, so I can pack them up for my trip North tomorrow for the June 25th shoot near Boston.

Lon DuMont
Cam Zagucci
Jobe Zander
Zach Reno
Tristan Baldwin
Austin Tyler
Austin Tyler’s friend
New Guy from Adonis Lounge

I may also add Brad Barnes, Ty Alexander, Drake Marcos and/or some others. Let me know what you think or want to see.

Check out some exclusive pics on my Instagram —> CLICK HERE

This and That

This weekend is coming up fast and I’ll be shooting all day Saturday with lots of hotties and studs. From pro wrestlers to models to strippers and more. It’s always a fun time shooting wrestling matches with my friends.

Tonight is the “calm” before the storm, however, there will not be a lot of relaxation. My buddy (and secondary cameraman…and occasional wrestler) is coming up from South Florida (3+ hours away) to help me prepare for the shoot. In less than 30 minutes, I will be heading out the door to meet with a fan of the site to discuss his ideas for improving and advancing the site. One or two drinks later, I will meet up with another buddy of mine (who helps do photos and designed my original website) to attend a local Amateur Strip Night in town. The same place I met Matty O’Boy and his boyfriend, Zacky Darlin. As well as the first place I laid eyes on Ricky Vegas.

Tomorrow will be busy. Between moving large furniture at the studio, paying a few bills, running to the store to get ink for my printer, grabbing a haircut then picking 5 guys up at the airport (Ace Owens, Nathan FX, Kayden Alexander, Cal Bennett & Elite Eliot) so they can grab a solid nights rest before a hard hitting day of wrestling. After that, I may go out with the guys to have a few drinks in Tampa…or we may all be so exhausted we fall asleep like little jobber babies.¬†I was hoping to have more content loaded to the site from May’s shoot, but things got hectic and it’ll have to be after Saturday before I load the brand new stuff…and begin editing all the new videos, photos and what-not.

Cal Bennett
Elite Eliot
Nathan FX
Kayden Alexander
Ryan Zivens
Nick Justice
Ace Owens
Matty O’Boy
Zacky Darlin
Blake Starr
…and more!

Here is some of the most recent releases…fresh content released every Tuesday, Thursday & sometimes Saturday.

On Monday, I will be driving up from Tampa to Boston. Well not the whole way in one day. I’m too old for that anymore…plus there are a few¬†places that I want to stop and see. I think I’ll be in St. Augustine checking out some sights early to mid-afternoon/evening on Monday before stopping just off I-95 in South Carolina. From there ¬†it is looking like I will be wandering up to the Outer Banks of ¬†North Carolina. I’ve never been there, so if you’ve got any tips or suggestions for me, I’d definitely appreciate hearing them.

I’ll get to Philly/NYC on Wednesday night, so if anyone wants to meet up to chat and/or wrestle then hit me up. I’ll need a good stretch from all the miles driven. From June 22-25, I will be in the Boston area. I ¬†have plans to attend a pro wrestling shows that Saturday before hosting a solid shoot in New Hampshire with Lon DuMont, Jobe Zander, Austin Tyler, Cam Zagucci, Tristan Baldwin and a couple hot new guys. I may also get Zach Reno to show up. He’s also a fun guy to hang around.

I will be up north until just after the 4th of July or so before driving back to Tampa. I’d like to make some stops on the way: NYC, Washington (DC), maybe in the Carolinas or Atlanta. Definitely would like to pick up a few matches on the way.

My trip to Europe is going to be postponed. Just heard from Jonny Firestorm and Lon DuMont that they plan on going abroad this August, so I’m aiming to coincide my trip with theirs so we will be able to have some fun times together. Right now, it’s looking like late July/early August for 3 weeks…England, Germany, Spain, South France, Switzerland & Italy. I’m open to seeing other places, if I can get some matches to help off-set the cost of traveling.

Hugh Hunter vs. Chase  LaChance (lots of bearhugs)

Anyway, that’s basically my next 2-3 weeks…plus add editing lots of sexy, erotic wrestling matches. Sounds like a good start to the Summer season, eh?

Summer is coming

I’ve got a hot and heavy couple months lately. The site is doing well and I’m looking forward to taking over the top spot on the underground/gay wrestling world. I’ll be branching out with some new ideas and expanding on some older ideas.

Think I’m going to Las Vegas & Arizona this week and, perhaps, Los Angeles this weekend (June 11/12), but that’s up in the air. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer far too much, so looking to explore and travel somewhere fresh. Editing videos, photos, trailers, scouting new talent, arranging travel for models/wrestlers, etc. has made me antsy to wander outside my house. Let me know if you are in those areas.

As well, planning the upcoming shoots has consumed a lot of my free time. Hopefully the shoots go well. Below are the upcoming rosters for the two shoots…will be some more added. ¬†So send your suggestions and custom requests. Also, I’m thinking of allowing spectators more often at these shoots. The last shoot I had two fans come by and they loved interacting with the wrestlers/models and being in¬†the atmosphere. So hit me up with an email if you are interested in purchasing this unique experience,

June 17: Tampa
Nathan FX
Cal Bennett
Ace Owens
Elite Eliot
Kayden Alexander
Nick Justice
Ryan Zivens
Matty O’Boy
Zacky Darlin
Chase Sinn
Blake Starr

June 25: Boston
Lon DuMont
Jobe Zander
Johnny Jobber
Hugh Hunter (tentative)
Cam Zagucci (tentative)
Austin Tyler (tentative)
Alex Oliver (tentative)
Cal Bennett (tentative)
The Mountain (tentative)
Ty Alexander (tentative)
Drake Marcos (tentative)
Brad Barnes (tentative)
Chace LaChance (tentative)
Garrett Thomas (tentative)
Will Favero (tentative)

This shoot is still being pieced together and I’m working with the scheduling right now, so please send any suggestions you may have for potential talent/wrestlers that you’d like to see or request. It’ll help me decide who I should use at this shoot.

I’ll be finalizing my travel schedule for Europe this summer. For two weeks (starting June 22/23) I will be in Boston/NYC areas, if you want to set up some wrestling sessions with me. ¬†Should be finalizing my online wrestling company show for this Autumn. I plan to use a lot of indy wrestlers, so if there’s anyone you’d like me to utilize on these filmings that’d help me find out who is best for this idea. I’m looking for guys who are really good at technical wrestling (holds/moves) and have a lot of personality/acting ability.

That’s all for now ūüôā


May 20th Custom Shoot and a little more

I’ve finalized the roster for the May 20th shoot in Tampa.

-Jax Brewer
-Cal Bennett
-Brad Barnes
-Matty O’Boy
-Zacky Darlin
-Rendell Zebu
-Blake Starr
-Marco Thunder

and maybe Jayden Mayne

I have a couple spots left open for custom requests, so if you feel like Vince McMahon and want to produce your own special video featuring these hot guys then shoot me an email 

I’ve been staying pretty busy with e-mails, scheduling shoots and keeping the site moving along. I recently found that some “fans” have been pirating the content I’ve created. I can’t blame them. I want everyone to see the content and it’s very hot stuff. However, it makes it very hard to continue to produce content when it is being shared and given away for free.

The stuff takes a good amount of money to produce. Not only do I have to cover the wrestler/model’s fee, but I have to pay for hotels, flights, facilities, cameramen, photographers, food & water during shoots, speedos, web hosting and additional “staff” ¬†to assist me on making sure things run smoothly. So, please, just buy the video and help the cause. I’d like to keep this adventure going for as long as I can and keep supplying sexy wrestling matches to you.

Please and thank you ūüôā

It’s May!

It has been a couple weeks since my last update. Things have been very productive and busy. The shoot in Indiana went way better than expected and I think you’ll agree when you see the matches over the next couple months. You may have already caught a sneak peek on the Facebook page.

Here are some fresh faces from that shoot…

Thanks for your patience with my lack of e-mail responsiveness. Had tunnel-vision on completing things with the website. I shall be tackling the e-mails that weren’t time sensitive tomorrow.

I’m scheduling a shoot right now for May 20th featuring the following wrestlers:
-Brad Barnes
-Matty O’Boy
-Zacky Darlin
-Blake Starr
-Marco Thunder
-Jax Brewer

and a couple others. Definitely open for suggestions if there is someone specific you wish to see.

The shoot after that will be Mid-June. Should be a nice line-up for June and I’m looking forward to being able to announce those names soon.

A couple of my wrestlers are traveling soon….

May 11-14: Los Angeles
May: London (UK)


May 3-5: Chicago
Mid-May:  Boston

Mid-May/Early June: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas/Austin & Arizona
Late June: NYC & Boston
Early July: London (UK)
July: Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland

April 2017 – Updates

I’m lying here in a hotel room in St. Louis finally relaxing. I’ve had a productive couple of weeks including three (3) “Pro vs. Joe” sessions yesterday, which included a broken headboard in my hotel room. I’ll be having two (2) more tonight when I get to Chicago…but am definitely up for more if you are around Thursday or late Friday evening.¬†I catch a ride back to Chicago in a few hours, so I figured I’d take a little time to update you on what’s been going on.

The recent shoot on March 31st was a success. Got a good amount of new matches and a few new wrestlers for the site including this guy…

Blake Starr

After the shoot was completed, a few of the wrestlers and the crew went out to a local Applebee’s to stuff our faces with junk food and beer. It was great catching up with Jobe Zander. I haven’t seen him in a few years. I’ve known Jobe for about 10 years now and think highly of him. Always a fun guy to be around…and he’s a machine. He flew in that morning and hit the ground running. I believe he did 6 or 7 matches in a row.

My buddy, Mr. E, offered me a spot on a cruise since his boyfriend couldn’t make it, but it was far from a vacation. I always have something to do regarding the web site. So I spent some time editing videos from the shoot as well as keeping up with other site aspects. Overall, it was a fun experience being on the boat and being able to check out a few new countries…even if they weren’t the real parts of those countries. I think that’ll be my first, last and only cruise as I prefer to explore and wander on land.

I have a shoot this Friday in Indiana with some new guys. Hoping that works out well. It’s proving to be a struggle to make things work ideally, but that’s how life is. I’ll get some of what I wanted then I’ll schedule two or three more shoots to get the remainder of what I sought. Currently looking at a mid-May shoot in Florida followed by two mid-June shoots in NYC/Boston/Florida. So we shall see if things workout.

Also, debating on shooting in the UK when I am there in July and I desperately want to set up something with some Los Angeles and Las Vegas models/wrestlers before too long, but it may have to wait until September.

I must get in the shower now before they physically kick me out of this hotel…but I will leave you with this image.