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Stuck in my house – Covid19

Holy moly! It’s funny, when I can leave my house, I don’t really want to…and when I’m told I shouldn’t leave my house, I have a million things to do that involve leaving my house. Seems most everyone is busy preparing and getting things done around the house. At least that is the feeling I get from most the folks I talk to.

Anyone have a power cage/squat rack and some weights? I’ve been stuck doing body work exercises, which are okay but I miss the intensity of going to the gym. I’ve been hunting for some reasonably priced equipment on Amazon, Facebook and Craigslist, but nothing. Any leads? Screw it…maybe I should just get a hammock for the backyard.

I’ve been spending a bunch of time in front of my computer. As you may recall, I am moving my websites to a more user-friendly service. Things were going great, but one day I noticed my trailers/previews weren’t playing. I didn’t know why at first, but come to find out, my account was suspended for violating terms of use. To top that off, my payment merchant decided after a month of testing and use that they couldn’t work with me anymore due to the type of content. Aye yi yi! So, I’ve been working on adding 850+ trailers back to the sites and finding a host for payments. That’ll get me back to where I was, I still have to add 60-80 new videos from November, January, February & March.

Ended up shooting a little match with my buddy Joey Nux. I had to get out of the house and do something, so I met him over at my studio wayyyyy across town. Was a fun little match and we had a great time hanging out (six feet apart).

WrestleMania was supposed to be in my current town, but was canceled for safety reasons. I caught Part 1 & 2 this weekend while on the couch at home. It was definitely different without the audience, but a few matches for sure caught my attention.

-Undertaker vs. AJ Styles in the Boneyard Match. The production and cinematic edge was refreshing for me. Kind of like Lucha Underground but with more movie-like fight scenes.

-John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt…Odd, Unique, Interesting. I enjoyed it. Maybe it’s me being an old grumpy dinosaur, but I enjoyed the uniqueness of the skit/match. Was a joy to see the nostalgia of my childhood re-booted.

-Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley was a nice classic technical wrestling match. I kind of wish they had some male matches that were like this. Great technical story telling and action.

I thought most of the matches were a little long for my liking, but that may have just been due to lack of audience reaction. Somehow I missed Aleister Black’s match. Was it worth seeing?

Been trying to disengage my mind at night with some silliness. Watched Jay & Silent Bob: Re-Booted. Found that far better than I expected. Kevin Smith is a skilled story teller/writer and his daughter was a great actress. It’s kind of unfair how we as people expect more out of second (or third) generation talent. Kevin Smith’s daughter definitely killed it in her performance. Awesome cameo by Chris Jericho.

How much of a mess is that Tiger King show on Netflix? Wow! It’s like a bad car wreck. I couldn’t turn my head away. Good solid mindless trash tv at it’s apex.

Ok…I’ve been distracted from work stuff long enough. I better get back to working on the sites and learning some new tricks. Been using this forced quarantine to learn some new things. It is absolutely amazing what you can learn with a few google searches and youtube videos.

Hope you’re staying healthy and well 🙂

The Little Engine That Could

What a wild and crazy couple weeks (months) it has been. It seems like yesterday that there were big ass wildfires destroying Australia. That settled down a little bit and now we’re in the middle of a global crisis.

I don’t come up for air often. In fact, I spend most of my days lately in front of a computer screen – sorting through 20,000 images or moving websites to a more user-friendly platform or editing new videos and what not. On a lucky day, I’m at a shoot filming wrestling matches. I either end the evening (in the early morning) by reading or watching some documentaries. However, this Covid-19 virus and the falling stock market has had me out of tunnel vision. First, I hope you are healthy and well. That’s most important. If you don’t have your health, what do you really have, am I right?

It’s a uncertain time and seems so for the foreseeable future. I’m hoping for the best. Not much I can do about the coronavirus going around except hide in my house as much as possible (pretty easy to do for someone like me) and make sure I’m staying healthy. Extra vitamins and extra fluids. I’m not known for getting enough proper rest, but I should start doing that as well. So maybe, I’ll start going to bed before the sunrises. That’ll be difficult since my most productive hours are when everyone else tends to be sleeping. Heck, I’m writing this near midnight and have no plans to go to sleep anytime in the next few hours.

The website transfer is coming along nicely…but slower than I’d like. Isn’t it funny that we tend to find an easier solution to the problem after we’ve done the work the harder way? I feel that lately. After transferring 800+ videos and 20,000+ pics, I found I could do a lot of the transferring with a program. I’d still have to do some work to make sure everything was in place after the transfer, but it would’ve got time my time to just a few days. That’s life though. The sites are looking good and I had some folks test them to offer some insight. I’ll be picking at things and fine tuning over the next week or 2 then I’ll need to do some more testing. Just a few more pieces of the puzzle to put together and you’ll get to enjoy the ease of use these will bring to you.

Of course, we know how the best laid plans of mice and men oft go. I’m sure you’ll be using the new site and notice something that got past my aging eyes. Don’t fret as I’ll be waiting to make sure that they site works marvelously, so if you noticed something when using the new sites, I ask you to email me as I’ll be able to hopefully resolve it pretty quickly.

The plan was to launch the 2nd Catalog for NHBFights last Monday, but things have been put in front of that for now. I should be finishing some items and able to release 9 new matches shortly. I filmed 20 matches in NYC just a few weeks ago. The end of February to be exact. I had about 10 to 14 different wrestlers that day. It was funny to watch these muscled up guys dripping sweat and fatigued after one or two real matches. That reminds me – after shooting for 8 hours with the heat on in a very small room, the facility manager asked if we’d like the AC turned on. See – the solutions always show up at the end…at least in my world lately.

My Los Angeles trip has been postponed for now. I was going to film at the Can-Am Studios in North Hollywood, but things came up that had to push that back. Maybe it’s a good thing. I spent a couple weeks in California one summer and maybe this is an excuse to go back. Some time on some California beaches and wandering up the California coast sounds alright. Hell, I’ve been in front of a computer screen so much, I might just rent an RV or grab a tent so I can wander up into Northern California, Oregon and, perhaps, Washington state. I’ve been Oregon before for pro wrestling events, but never really explored outside of Portland. This is a good excuse right?

What else have I been up to? Let me think — OH YEAH! I have been working on developing/starting/creating another business. Nothing as impressive or as fun as this, but something small to add to the joy of life (and hopefully make up for the 20% loss on my investment account). I’ve been looking heavily into different drop shipping ideas and some t-shirts. These things need very little upfront cost, so it’s mostly just a little bit of time, energy and focus. I’ll partner with a couple friends on some small ventures and hopefully combine their talents with mine to make up for what I lack.

Speaking of the stock market – HOLY COW! Am I right? That was a wild ride for a couple weeks and it’s still going around the track. Hopefully things look up, but it seems we may be in this for a bit. I had been working my way out of the stock market for the last few months, but I wasn’t fast enough. I’ll probably grab a little bite of some companies I’m a fan of during this downturn. I just hope it’s a short and gentle ride from here back to the peak. Any advice during these crazy times? Should I buy a camper and move to the woods. Learn to live off the land?

Alright…I think that is all for now. Back to work I go. A couple more hours in front of the computer.

Stay safe and healthy!

New Websites

I’ve been a machine lately. I launched 2 websites in January…Oil Bash & NHB Fights then I closed one down. Well, let me tell you the whole story…

My buddy and I have been throwing ideas at the wall for a year plus now. He liked the old NHB-Battle and thought it’d be cool to start it up again. I have fond memories of NHB-Battle (Read about it HERE) and thought it was being taken down a road away from what it used to be. We also had kicked around the idea of doing some oil wrestling. We’ve played with them in the past and thought they were a fun way to show off the muscled bodies.

Long story short, my buddy isn’t built for these big shoots I like to do with 12 to 20 guys in speedos. It’s just too intense and he wants to focus on doing smaller artsy things. That’s fine. I understand.

So shortly after building up the social media for Oil Bash and doing an under-the-radar sale on the videos before launching it, I received an email from my payment processor saying they wouldn’t except payments any longer for the content. I have a high risk processor for my other sites and it wouldn’t take much to switch over to them, but after a half hour of pondering it in the shower, I thought, “Why not just put this stuff on Wrestler4Hire since my friend isn’t involved anymore?” So upon that thought, I told myself “let’s do it!”

My focus shifted to launching and that one has gone well. I’ve had no issue with the payment processor (yet) and set up a back-up processor, too. I’ve enjoyed the platform for NHBFights so much that I’ve started moving my other 2 sites (Wrestler4Hire & Hero Hunks) to the same platform. I’m working on solving a few issues but expect to have those resolved in the next few weeks at most. It’s SO much easier to use for the customer AND for me. It no longer takes 15 minutes to load one video on the site. Instead it’s only a few minutes and everything is organized neatly on one page. Check it out! Even if you don’t buy anything you’ll LOVE the layout.

I’m piecing together another NHBFights shoot in NYC on February 27th and the roster is pretty sweet. Check it out…

-Chet Chastain
-Sunny Deleon
-Christian Thorn
-John Wolfboy
-Ethan Andrews
-Elite Eliot
-Slade Gorman
and I’m looking to get q couple other guys from the area. Maybe Zach Reno. Maybe PeeWee from Thunders Arena. I expect to film 20 matches in one day right in Manhattan.

I can even film a couple custom videos, as long as you’re cool with them being on a wrestling mat and not in a ring.

After the NYC shoot, I’ll be home for a couple days before going out West. I’ll be in San Francisco for a day as I road trip from Seattle to San Francisco in March and shoot for a 7 to 10 days in Los Angeles. I’ve already began thinking of who of the guys I want for that shoot. Tentatively – Scrappy, Topher DiMaggio, AJ Irons, Tanner Hill, Max Ryder, Dimitri Darkthorn, Danny Del Toro. As well, I’ll be eyeing a few new guys out there.

Send any suggestions to me or if you wanna try to set up a private match with me along my travels. I won’t have much time, but it may work out and it’ll get me out of my car —->

And The Winner’s Are…(2019)

I’ve been battling fatigue (and perhaps a cold) for the last week or so. It hasn’t stopped me but it has made me nap a lot. It’s been a highly productive 2020. A lot to talk about, but I want to wait to make that a separate blog post in a couple weeks or so. I do, however, want to thank you for the support with my Holiday/Birthday Fundraiser. It was not as successful as in previous years, but I was able to donate more money to the cause from my personal funds and make it the biggest donation ever from you and I in honor of my high school English teacher who battled cancer numerous times and made a huge impact on countless lives in my home community. Thank you for your kindness!

Now, with the Oscars getting ready to take over television tonight, let’s reveal the awards that truly matter…Let’s start with Wrestler4Hire then announce the Hero Hunks first-ever award winners.

Favorite Heel 2019
Gabe Steele

It seems this year was taken over by Gabe Steele and his legion of supporters as they made sure he was in the top of nearly every category. Great campaigning by Gabe. I think we’ll see a few break out heels in 2020, as lots of guys are picking up their aggression and intensity. Gabe & Guido better watch out, because I foresee more than just a couple wrestlers coming for the throne.

2nd Place: Guide Genatto
3rd Place: Ethan Andrews
Honorable Mention: Donnie Dukes

Favorite Jobber 2019
Ace Owens

I’ve been a fan of Ace Owens for years now. I tell all kinds of my pro wrestling friends that he’s gonna be a break out star…all he needs is to be given the platform and free reign. His in-ring selling is spectacular and he always knows how to place to goods for the camera to pick up. As well, his out-of-the-ring character is quiet, kind and low-key humorous. I’m glad that I am not the only one who is seeing the greatness of this Ace.

2nd Place: Jacob Van Acker
3rd Place: Zach Reno

Honorable Mention: Gabe Steele

Top Newcomer 2019
Gabe Steele

When I first met Gabe he was a bit quiet and shy. Always a polite guy. It took a little bit for him to get comfortable, but once he did he really settled in and showcased his talents. He spends hours wrestling, training and studying the game. He even beat out one of the top upcoming independent wrestlers, Channing Travolta in this category. Heck, I’ve been telling people Channing is destined for WWE fame. Let’s hope we get to enjoy him a little bit longer before he gets his call to the big leagues.

2nd Place: Channing Travolta
3rd Place: Iceman
Honorable Mention: Bobby Bryce

Favorite Match 2019
Ethan Andrews & Gabe Steele vs. Matty O’Boy & Zacky Darlin

Nearly a tie, as only 1 vote separated first and second place. Either of these matches could’ve taken home to gold, but this rare tag team match deserves it. They put in the time, energy and had the skills to pull off a match that is often put chaos and catastrophe.  Two real-life boyfriends take on two dominant heels bound for the Underground Wrestling Hall of Fame. Great story! Great action!

2nd Place: Jaxton Wheeler vs. Jacob Van Acker
3rd Place: Christian Thorn vs. Scrappy
Honorable Mention: Joey Nux vs. Gabe Steele

Favorite Big vs. Small Match 2019
Brute Baynard vs. Dashing Dustin

Landslide victory. Brute has to weigh AT LEAST 100 pounds more than Dashing Dustin. Impressive match that I filmed this in my backyard. My buddy has a house that I rent and his garage is set-up with one of the most marvelous wrestling arenas. He rarely let’s me use it but thankfully on this day he did. Dustin doesn’t know a lot, but he suffers so well. Brute is pure muscle and knows how to work over an opponent…especially a Twink.

I personally enjoy Minion School. It was an instant classic. We all knew it when it was filmed. I’d like to say that this is an upset victory, but your votes show it was the clear favorite.

2nd Place: Ricky Vegas, Nick Justice & Gabe Steele (Minion School Part 2)
3rd Place: Cameron vs. Max Quivers
Honorable Mention: Chace LaChance vs. Jessie Lee

Hottest Body 2019

For the 2nd voting session in a row, Scrappy lands this award…and it is easy to see why. Scrappy isn’t the biggest guy in most of his bouts, but I’d say it is safe to say he has the most muscle mass you can possibly pack onto a frame. Surely I’ve seen muscles on Scrappy’s body that I had no idea existed.

 2nd Place: Jacob Van Acker
3rd Place: Gabe Steele
Honorable Mention: Joey Nux, Braden Charon

Best Smile 2019
Gabe Steele

Gabe may have the brightest, whitest smile I’ve ever seen and it’s brought out to shine even more against his tanned skin. It changes over the course of a day. Sometimes it’s a shy smile, sometimes an arrogant grin, and sometimes it’s hard to describe. Blake has a huge smile that is pure joy and Jacob has something of a movie star look when he smiles. Definitely not the typical tough guy menacing looks with these studs.

2nd Place: Blake Starr
3rd Place: Jacob Van Acker

Best Arms 2019

Between Gabe and Scrappy is there an award that they cannot win? Scrappy looks good in any outfit he wears. He’s got a positive attitude and the guns he carries around with him aren’t just for show. Perhaps the perfectly built specimen. Z-Man brings that classic physique even in his 100th year alive. The dude is like a vampire, never ages! It’s tough to book Z-Man due to his intense schedule of acting, dancing and whatever else he’s been doing. I definitely need to get all 3 of these hunks together for some action soon.

2nd Place: Z-Man
3rd Place: Joey Nux

Best Legs 2019

Hard to compete against Scrappy in any body part contest. Chace has some great legs and they always look great. Same with the massive thighs of Braden and Joey but they weren’t enough for the 5’7″, 165 pound stud.

2nd Place: Chace LaChance
3rd Place (tie): Joey Nux & Braden Charron

Butt of the Year 2019

Ever since I was robbed multiple years in a row…and likely not even nominated this year after exposing the sweet cheeks this year at BG East, I am glad that my real fans have decided I deserve to be recognized…even if unfairly to the other studs on the Wrestler4Hire team, including my old roommate Braden. So I say thank you and Nanana-na-boo-boo to Big Braden 🙂

2nd Place: Jacob Van Acker
3rd Place: Braden Charron

Future Champion 2019
Gabe Steele

HUGE win over the 2nd place podium winner! This is my favorite award to see, as you tend to know exactly what the future of the underground wrestling world wants. The last winner (2 years ago) was Austin Cooper and he’s gone on to cement his legacy as a true legend in the world of wrestling. I think a real match between Winner and Runner-up must take place to see who the true King of Sport will be.

2nd Place: Scrappy
3rd Place: Joey Nux
Honorable Mention: Iceman


Favorite Villain 2019
Cerebral Shadow (Gabe Steele)

Gabe just takes control of opponents when he’s in the role of heel or villain. It was no exception when he played the role of Cerebral Shadow against Steel Man. Seems to be nothing like a mastermind using his powers to control the muscle hunks.

2nd Place: Mental Mind (Ethan Andrews)
3rd Place: Midnight Mauler (Joey Nux)

Favorite Hero 2019
Sidekick Scrappy

Scrappy takes to a role like no one else I’ve seen. I’m not the only one who thinks the guy should head out to Hollywood and pursue a career as an actor. Whether he’s being a pro wrestler, superhero, goodie or baddie, he gets right into it and adopts the persona as his real self. I’ve gotten lost in the stories that Scrappy creates especially in Hero Hunks.

2nd Place: Crimson Fury (Chace LaChance)
3rd Place: Dash (Blake Starr)
Honorable Mention: Steel Man (Braden Charron)

Hottest Video 2019
Sidekick Scrappy vs. Dr. Hypno

The hypnotic control that Dr. Hypno uses over the helpless mind-controlled superhero proved to be a hot concept. I wasn’t knowledgeable about how to properly do these types of videos, but these two did an incredible job in their roles. I look forward to bringing Dr. Hypno (Donnie Dukes) down for more shoots. He’s a highly skilled and talented performer.

2nd Place: Silver Serpent vs. Sidekick Scrappy
3rd Place: Mental Mind vs. Crimson Fury
Honorable Mention: Cerebral Shadow vs. Steel Man

2019 Year End Awards – Vote Here

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Stalker, Legendary Guest, My Birthday, Freebies, New Sites


Let’s get the craziness out of the way first. For the last 9 years, I’ve dealt with harassment  on my personal social media. It’s been on-and-off. Seems like once or twice per year. It used to bother me a lot. This guy would send images of me from sites that I have wrestled on to my friends/family after threatening to “expose” me and demanded I answer his questions. I told him to email me and I’d answer as many questions as I could.

This was an inconvenience at worst at the time, but this dude took it even further by sending nude images of me to my friends and more awkwardly to my family that he had come across these images from my webcam days (2 months to be precise) and was now “exposing” me. I tried contacting Facebook but if you had any issues with them you know how difficult a task it can be. I discussed other options such as contacting law enforcement.  Things would always stop after a day or two of this non-sense.

Over the last (nearly) decade of this, I found out he had done similar to friends and associates of mine. Same tactics. Finally a year or two ago, I had enough and I decided to voice call him from one of his endless fake Facebook profile pages. I angrily talked to him for over an hour. He had no real questions to ask. It fires me up just thinking about it.

Things had been mostly quiet until last week when I received a few messages on my personal social media accounts letting me know that this dude has shown up again. I have access to a handful of IP addresses that he uses and have hunted him down to the NYC area. Unfortunately, New York City is bigger than many states. I’ve spoken to a few people and it sounds like the quickest resolution would be to hire a proper attorney to go after this dude with a civil lawsuit.

I share that shortened version of the story for a few reasons. The main reasons are that…

1) I’m hoping I know someone who can assist with a few legal aspects or help with these IP address locations further. Maybe a more precise location of his activities. I already know his phone carrier.

2) I’ve talked to a half dozen other wrestlers that this dude has targeted. Most recently, Scrappy. If you have been harassed by this dude, let me know. I think it helps if we have more men on this mission


I hope you had a relaxing holiday. I didn’t do much as I chose to stay in Florida. I had a lot to do since the week before I had 3 days of filming. More than 16 wrestlers were in attendance, but the biggest guest in the house was the LEGENDARY Can-Am Producer, Ron Sexton. He had flown in from Los Angeles to my home turf as the plan is to partner up on creating matches and hero scenarios for his sites during 2020.

Ron is a humble man. Very low-key when he is somewhere. We attacked the shoot from 2 angles. I handled shooting things inside of my new wrestling studio while Ron handled things outside the building until the sun went down. After that we combined brain power late into the evening.

We got A LOT of good videos. I don’t think I could pick a favorite match. For real. Probably my best shoot EVER! A great team of guys wrestling and hanging out.

Day 1 – we filmed some  “adult themed” videos. Only had about 8 to 10 dudes at that shoot and it was a slower paced shoot as we were still setting up things before and after matches. We filmed for about 6 hours then called it a night. Ron was happy with what he saw. We hung out for a few hours after the shoot before calling it a night.

Day 2 – Shoot days are interesting. I usually go to bed around 3am to 5am and wake around 8am or 830am  during shooting days. We got a late start actually filming because we were all having fun hanging out upon arrival. Luckily, everyone was there as late as they needed to be. We ended up shooting 20 or 21 matches over 12 hours.

Day 3 – We are all moving a bit slower due to fatigue, hangovers and the punishment we’ve put our bodies through the last 2 days. Luckily the spirits of the team were still high. We got slightly less videos done but after the sun went down it felt more like a party with good friends than a day at the office.

You can’t stop Ricky Vegas from dancing around the building even when there isn’t any music playing.

I must say that Scrappy may be a better actor than Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. Someone should put that guy in a real movie. He owns a character and you start believing he is who he is portraying. It’s incredible to watch.


When I scheduled this shoot, I didn’t consider it’d be Movember. I tend to be absent minded. Hmmm…not sure absent minded is the appropriate word. I get super focused on things and other things move to the back of my brain. It’s a great strength and sometimes a flaw. Dimitri showed up with a solid mustache he had been growing in awareness of his friend who had cancer. I felt terrible asking him to shave for the shoot, but he understood and I offered to donate to the cause. I am by no means rich but I donated a decent amount of money to the fundraiser. I think he’s a genuine good dude and we get along great. If you’d like to support Dimitri’s GoFundMe follow this link.

Tis The Season – My Birthday

December means many things to many people. I dig it. My favorite holiday is just around the corner. The Christmas tree has been up in my house since Halloween. I know. I know. I knew I was going to be gone for a few days to various places and would  busy upon my return home. I like coming home during the darkness of December to see the bright colorful lights of the season. I’ll be headed north in a couple weeks to visit family and friends to celebrate the spirit of the holiday. Being around people that you care about and sharing time with them. It’s also a good time to do good for others. I’ve been making a list…and adding to it with my goals for 2020 including more volunteering and putting my time to positive use. I’ve already began tackling my list.

Another big event happens in December. Yup, my birthday. Only a few more days before I turn another year older. I don’t know if I ever expected to be this old. In your mind, at least mine, I feel much younger…except for my body. I somehow hurt my back walking around my house the other day. I’ve been whining about it for 2 days.

I get a lot of emails and messages around this time asking what I want for my birthday and Christmas. I used to enjoy getting packages in the mail containing money, electronics, clothes, steaks, gift cards and tickets to events. In the last few years, I have found I get more joy from raising funds to give to people struggling in my hometown. Don’t worry, I’ll be bugging you often over December for support.

Please strongly consider helping me, the community I came from and honoring my high school teacher who passed away in 2016 with a little donation –

Accidental Freebies & More Deals

Due to a glitch, I gave out over 100 FREE videos on this past Friday. A few people took HUGE advantage of this flaw over the Thanksgiving holiday.

It’s the final days of my Black Friday Weekend & Cyber Monday sales on both sites. I’ll be doing a discount on current WWE Superstar, Tony Nese’s matches on the site where he wrestled as his alter-ego, Maverick. That’ll start around midnight tonight.

Still not sure what I’m going to do for a Cyber Monday sale for Hero Hunks. Any ideas? Suggestions?

New Sites

I’m currently in progress of creating two more websites. One similar to the original NHB Battle. I have a few wrestlers who are competitive and would do well in this style of action. I think that since NHB Battle changed its’ name and moved to Vegas it lost some of the appeal. Hopefully I can bring some life back into this wrestling theme.

I’ll also be following up on my oil wrestling idea from 18 months ago. Currently working on building a nice oil pit and designing the website. First shoot for both of these will be January 4th. Keep an eye out on my Wrestler4Hire social media for more – Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. I’ll be doing some live videos throughout the day.

If you’ve got any insight or input that’ll help me be successful please shoot me an email,

That’s All Folks

That’s it for now. Looks like a lot, but I still have more to share, so I’ll make a point to do more blogs. In January, I’ll be doing nominations and final voting for 2019 Awards.

Who is Cameron Matthews?

It’s kind of amusing when I receive an e-mail from someone who doesn’t know who I am. Don’t take that the wrong way. I’m not that arrogant. When I ran this site as it seemed most were fans of myself and knew I ran that site. I knew years ago that there was a “shelf life” for someone like myself in front of the camera. I’ve had a good run and definitely outlasted the average stud.

I started pro wrestling when I was 14 years old…and I say I had a decent run. I quit my life as a full-time pro wrestler in 2013. For over half my life I had classified myself as a wrestler, but my body was aching and the goal of making it big in the WWE didn’t seem as important to me as it once did. I’m a pretty damned good pro wrestler. I say that with a bit of cockiness, but only because I’ve put a lot into learning the craft.

Traveling around as a wrestler is cool. New places, new people and dozens of adoring fans. However, it’s a bit of a lonely road. It was time for something new.

So I decided I’d build a wrestling website. I had a bunch of friends I had met through my decade-plus career that had an interest in joining the “dark side” of wrestling (insert evil laugh). I understood that some were a bit concerned on how it may impact their career aspirations, but I knew you could still have a hot wrestling match without nudity.

I’m wandering off course…

Who is Cameron Matthews? Maybe you know, but maybe you don’t.

I’m the eager, young independent wrestler from the middle of nowhere USA, who chased his dream in front of a dozen fans and in front of a thousand fans. I checked off my goal of wrestling on TV when I got destroyed on Ring of Honor in Philadelphia. Still one of my career highlights.

I’m the guy who traveled thousands upon thousands (dare I say millions) of miles learning and (nearly) perfecting my craft. I understand how things work inside the ring…on the mat…and behind the camera. I know all…scratch that…most of the little things that make the difference. Whether it be having your face up towards the camera instead of looking at the mat, how to progressively tell a story with facial expressions or movements and most recently costuming talent.

I could probably chat forever about how to do wrestling properly in the right company. Hell, often I do with my friends or at wrestling practice (which I still attend even though I’m “inactive”).

See, there I go…off track, again.

Cameron Matthews the guy who just a few weeks after his 19th birthday arrived at the BG East house outside of Boston. My first few days in the underground wrestling world I got to meet legends like Aryx Quinn, Brad Rochelle, Mr. Joshua and Kid Leopard.

I was the guy that was “too small” to make it at Thunder’s Arena, but I ended up proving that big muscle guys aren’t the only guys worth seeing on video. I made a couple friends there including super stud, Big Sexy.

I’m the dude who would drive for hours and hours to have an hour long wrestling match at a hotel, or in a ring, or wherever we could make work. Just because I liked wrestling so much. Sure I made money doing it, but I could make money doing a few things…I’m sure McDonald’s would love an employee like me 🙂

Oh yeah, I’m also Denny Webb. The underwhelming opponent for many at NHB-Battle. What an adventure wrestling in New York City with my friends. And traveling on a plane for the first time.

One of my teen dreams was to be good enough for Cyberfights. I used to watch guys like Christopher Daniels, Suicide Kid, Blitzkrieg Kid, Kidd USA and Travis Lee showcase their talents for the early internet wrestling federation. How cool was it when I got on a cross country plane next to Kidd USA? A guy I used to watch when I was 10-11 years old at a local federation that I looked up to. Cyberfights allowed me to wrestle future WWE Champion, Seth Rollins (aka Tyler Black) and standouts like Davey Richards & Joey Ryan.

I’ve got to do a lot because of wrestling. Like win multiple Match of the Year awards at BG East, including one of my all-time favorite matches against Austin Cooper.

Remember when I finally won the much deserved award for Best Ass after two years of being runner-up. Speaking of runner-up, how about Cameron Matthews the high school wrestler who was second best in his weight class at the state championship meet. Losing to the champion isn’t all that bad, right?

I met some great friends when I went over to England to wrestle for Spotland Scrappers. What an awesome group of guys they are. From the two guys who run the show to the wrestlers. It’s like a family there, plus where else do you wrestle in custard or in a ring full of balloons? I still keep in touch with those guys and they even helped progress Wrestler4Hire when I first got started.

I got my ass handed to me in mixed wrestling matches for my buddies website Fox Fight and a hilarious Greek dude named Theo, who runs Mixed Wrestling Zone. Hung out with my childhood friend, Paul Hudson in our first experience around legitimate porn stars. An eye-opening experience being from a rural area.

…and even got to play a in the sci-fi world as a villain and superhero at Hard Heroes, the Can-Am affiliate, under my alias “Trevor Matthews.” (FUN FACT: Trevor Matthews was a one-time wrestling name I used on the indy scene, except we pronounced it Trevah)

What fun that was and it felt like being a legit star. We had a professional make-up artists, who gave our abs the Hollywood look, awesome strapless eye masks and the sets were incredible. I even got to play the role of a childhood favorite, Spidey against a pro wrestling pal of mine and ball bash legend, Jobe Zander.

I could keep going, but sitting in front of a computer doesn’t offer me the same kind of experience that it used to. Back when I’d spend every possible moment online. I need action!

So I’ll leave it at that. I’m Cameron Matthews. I run this site (for better or worse). I don’t mean this to sound sassy, but I was once somebody with enormous potential in the pro wrestling world and if you ever find yourself looking for something to watch on YouTube give the search bar some use by typing in my name.

I wish I had comments under here, so I could hear all your praise 😉

I’m going to check my phone to see if Can-Am Owner, Ron Sexton messaged me back as he helps me with the technical aspects of this site. I have to do some administrative work on the Hero Hunks site and it doesn’t seem to be working properly, so hopefully he can help get this resolved. What a solid dude he is. Can’t praise him enough for his help and kind heartedness.

I don’t classify myself as a wrestler anymore….and I’d hate to say I’m an entrepreneur. I’m just a dude with a weird way of looking at the world who likes having fun with a few of his friends. I don’t wrestle as much as I used to, but I still enjoy a good wrestling match whether in the ring or on the mat. I prefer lying in my own bed these days rather than hotel rooms. I still log 50,000 miles a year inside a car and 30,000 miles by airplane. Not bad for a small town kid with a dream of making it to the BIG TIME.

New Wrestling Facility, Podcasts, yada yada yada

What a week! The biggest event being that I almost bought another wrestling video company. However, the deal fell through. That is a little relieving because it would’ve eaten up a lot of my bank account/safety net. It wasn’t a big money deal, but a lot of the funds generated by this site (dare I say most) goes back into making new videos, buying wrestling and superhero costumes, flights, hotels, website costs, a bunch more…and recently a new wrestling ring for my own full-time studio. Now I won’t disclose which wrestling website it was as I think it’s gonna be fun to make you wonder. Mwahahaha. But I will tell you about my recent wrestling studio that I’m leasing in the Tampa Bay area.

I’ve spent most of the last 10 days setting up a wrestling ring and doing minor repairs/updates on said ring. As well, I’ve been cleaning up and fixing up the warehouse to make it more friendly and presentable. I have put down fresh carpet and tile, spent hours cleaning the shower, organizing hundreds (maybe thousands) of spandex wears (speedos, tights, singlets, etc.) and I am not even completely done with what I have planned for this space. I suck at taking before and after pics but I grabbed a few check them out below…

I want to thank everyone for participating in the Flash Sale that I did last week. It helped greatly, as I was able to buy new wrestling mats, turnbuckle pads, Rubbermaid storage containers, tons of cleaning products and other stuff I’m definitely forgetting. I’ll be purchasing brand new high-density pro wrestling padding for the ring tomorrow. Check your email for the 20% off discount I sent out this week.


I go to New York City this weekend for a wrestling event that I’m booked on. I’m excited about that as it is for one of my favorite wrestling promotions. It’s a short trip to the city and I won’t have any real time for private matches up north. I will be back in Tampa next week to finalize the setting up the brand new ring padding and a few other items before doors open for actual pro wrestling training classes. I believe that’ll operate 3 evenings per week with a former WWE Superstar.

The ring will be a available for private matches and I do have wrestling mats that would be available. I want to make a fun place for people to enjoy wrestling as I’ve enjoyed it since I was a kid. I am DEFINITELY looking forward to having my own full-time space. Of course, I’ll continue to travel filming wrestling matches all around North America and England.

I’m even thinking about doing a monthly wrestling event at the studio. The venue wouldn’t be able to hold a lot, maybe 40 to 50 people, but I think it would be a ton of fun. I’ll most certainly be putting on a live W4H event in the new year.

Like I said, I’ve been back in Florida for about 10 days and I have caught up on a lot of stuff. I’ll be finalizing two days of shooting for Hero Hunks and Wrestler4Hire for November 21 and 22nd. I’ll have an updated list of the roster (hopefully) by the end of this week. I’m expecting a couple new faces along with the classic guys Scrappy, Braden Charron, Drew Harper and as always, I’m open to suggestions…especially if you’re looking for a custom video. Email me

The recent Los Angeles and Philly shoots went pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. Of course, there were a couple guys that couldn’t make it to the shoot for various reasons. One guy had a concussion and another seemed to have the flu. It’s expected at this point that at least one dude isn’t going to show up. In Philly, I forgot to film one match that I really really really really wanted so I made sure to make Mark muscle and Zack Altovito come to my hotel room to wrestle each other. I definitely thank you are going to like this.

Still working on finalizing a trip to England and the European mainland in the next few months. Right now it’s kind of delayed due to the necessity of me needing to get stuff finalized in Florida with the studio.

I always seem busy but when it comes time to do the blog I tend to forget all the things I’ve been busy doing. No worries though because I have definitely been being super productive.

Oh yeah that’s right…I filmed a VERY unrated match between Joey Nux and Gabe Steele as the very first match filmed in the official Wrestler4Hire studio. You’ll definitely want to check that one out 😉 CLICK HERE TO SEE

I like to listen to podcasts on my trips and while I’m working on things. Figured I’d share some of my favorites and ask you for some suggestions on others you’d think I would enjoy.

Wrestling Podcasts

Til We Make It on YouTube with Mike Quackenbush
Kayfabe 2.0 with Mike Quackenbush
The Kevin Gill Show with Kevin Gill
The Steve Austin Show with Steve Austin
The School of Morton with Ricky Morton
Talk Is Jericho with Chris Jericho
Not Sam Wrestling with Sam Roberts
Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana

The podcasts with Mike Quackenbush are great for insight on how to improve as a performer, promoter and producer of wrestling. Definitely a great mind. As for the remainder, they are great stories from wrestlers and other pro wrestling performers. I have always enjoyed that ever since I was a fan. I read lots of autobiographies every year (not just wrestlers).

Non-Wrestling Podcasts

Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know
The Tim Ferriss Show
Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin
The Joe Rogan Experience
School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
Bunny Ears with Macauley Culkin
TED Radio Hour
Stuff You Should Know
WTF with Marc Maron

I’ll start with Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know. Although he is a pro wrestler and wrestling writer, his talks a more about the struggles of being a human being and understanding yourself and others. I’ve been a fan of the dude for over a decade and the first time I met him that grew as he was fast asleep on my grandmas living room floor on just couch cushions but woke up grateful. 

Macauley Culkin is a wrestling fan so thats why I initially began listening. Decent little podcast with some fun stories. Alec Baldwin has a magnificent voice for radio and I enjoy  his chats with several industry “insiders.” I find it hard not to like the guy. Of course, Tim Ferriss is a legend and hopefully someday I’ll be ready for a powerful conversation if our paths ever cross. I enjoy his unique insight and that he goes against the grain in a lot of manners. I’m picky on what shows I listen to with Rogan and Maron as sometimes Maron can be hard to tolerate in long spurts and Rogan hits a lot of different subjects in a chat. 

If you have anything you’d suggest or strongly recommend, email me

My first interview with…

I’ve been going hard and heavy at Wrestler4Hire & Hero Hunks for a long while now, but I haven’t been alone. It would be near impossible for me to do everything that I need to during a shoot, so over the last few years I’ve collected a few video cameramen and photographers in various places. In the past, the photographer du jour would be whomever I could get that was hanging at a shoot. Sometimes that would be a friend who had stopped by and other times another wrestler who wasn’t involved in the match. Other times it’d be myself or I’d decide we would just have to miss out on photos because I didn’t have enough hands.
Well, that has changed since I finally linked superpowers with Pete Carson. You may already know Pete as he has been photographing events for years from his ringside side seat. Pete and I have a mutual buddy. Our mutual buddy has tried to get me to attend WWE NXT and other indy level events with him and Pete (and Kieron Dunn) for years, but I we lived on opposite coasts in the Sunshine State.
I thought it’d be great to get some insight for the photographers vantage point, so I asked a few friends to think of some questions to ask him in the interview below. I’ve got a few things I gotta know myself, so I’ll be asking some questions of my own, too.
Cameron: Pete, first, I want to say thanks for taking your time to do this interview. As well, I’d like to publicly let everyone know that you are one of the most top notch dudes I have met. Always on time. Always willing to give a wrestler a ride. Go through thousands of photos to give me the best options for the final gallery. Coming up with match scenarios and picking out gear for the guys. It’s been a pleasure having you at every shoot you’ve made it to. Thanks for all you do and making it fun, too. It took us years to finally meet up but it was well worth it.
I think to start, without getting into too many naughty details, when did you first realize you liked wrestling for more than just the drama? How long have you been a fan of wrestling? What were you drawn to? Any favorite wrestling memories from when it first caught your eye?
PETE CARSON: Ha ha, right to the heart of the matter. I started watching WCW on TV in the early 80s when cable came to my small town. Before that, as a kid of 10 or 11, had been buying wrestling magazines and watching weekly studio matches from a local station. I was hooked very early on by all of it, from the drama of the ring entrances, the shouting promos, the nervous jobber bouncing from foot to foot, waiting for the badass heel to make his way to the ring, the inevitable struggle and beatdown, and, of course,  the hot guys in pro gear. From the start, my favorite wrestlers were the heels who not only knew their holds, but also included the small details to torture their opponents…the sneaky jab to the throat, the blatant eye gouge or rake across the top rope, the corner work, the chokes, the illegal use of ropes, and a foreign object pulled from the boot or trunks. The more vicious the beatdown, the better, as if the heel was more interested in having a wrestling toy, than just pinning his man. Did I mention before-the-bell attacks, and refusing to stop the beating after the pin or submission?! There were so many great wrestlers and matches…Buzz Sawyer, Don Muraco, Paul Orndorf, Dean Malenko (I appreciate intricate holds and working one body part until the wrestler on the receiving end is near panic to escape or for the match to just be over), and of course, the babyfaces like Tommy Rogers, Tommy Angel, and many more WCW good guys. I would say one of the most vivid earliest memories was a studio match in which Tommy Rogers, who was probably 18 or 19 at the time, played the heel to an older guy in his 40s, but ripped, smooth and tan. Tommy repeatedly worked his leg so hard that the guy repeatedly tried to escape, only to be dragged back in and punished some more. Tommy finally submitted the older guy in a figure four leglock amd refused to release, with the bell ringing frantically and the victim slapping the mat and screaming. The ref had to pry their legs apart. I had never seen a.match like that, and, to this day, wrestler contrasts are a favorite, e.g., all-American vs surfer, guy-next-door vs street punk, evil foreign heel vs clean cut, and older vs younger. Don’t get me wrong, I am a still a fan of two good-looking, well- built athletes going at it, for sure.
Cameron: When did you first get into photography? What type of stuff did you start photographing first? I know you love taking pics of wrestling matches and wrestlers. How did you first get into shooting pro wrestling pics? What do you look for when capturing a photo at a live event opposed to at a W4H or Hero Hunks shoot?
PETE CARSON: I got into photography in high school and took a couple of classes. Until I started attending live pro wrestling events in 2007, my photography was all travel stuff. After attending several live events, and sitting in the front row, I noticed tons of ppl taking pics with their phones and a few ppl with cameras. I bought a mirrorless camera with a zoom lens and here and there met a few pro wrestlers at the events who asked that I send them any good pics, and, I guess word spread. I now have several regulars who use the pics in their social media, which is really gratifying.  I see lots of wrestlers who are just getting started, and not a lot of fans are taking their pics. They really appreciate getting them and have something to show their friends and family. My favorite pictures are definitely closeup portrait style, showing intricate holds, facial expressions, and artsy shots of, for example, a hand grasping a wrestling boot planted on a throat. There is very little difference in what I look for at a live event and a W4H shoot…I just want to get emotive, great pics. Maybe a few more racy zoom-ins for W4H, haha.
Cameron: You’re very known online for your up-close-and-personal photos from live WWE events. What do you think makes a perfect sexy pro match?
(See above, my first long-winded answer.) Always a must, classic pro wrestling trunks and boots, lots of body contact, and torturous holds, with rule breaking. 
Cameron: Obviously shooting a Wrestler4Hire or Hero Hunks themed match is a bit different from shooting action photos ringside. What has been your favorite part about being part of the crew and experiencing the behind the scenes life at the shoots?
PETE CARSON: First and foremost, not having to stay in a seat with those pesky ropes in my way. Being able to climb in the ring and only have to worry about staying out of the videographer’s way is a blast. My favorite part of the shoots has been seeing how incredibly hard the wrestlers work to produce a good match. The wrestlers you hire really want to do a great job, they show up ready to wrestle, are in incredible shap,.and they can go for a long time. I really respect how hard they have to work with their workouts and diet. I have been pleasantly surprised by how approachable and down-to-earth the wrestlers are, despite how hot they are!
Cameron: Any favorite models/wrestlers you’ve met so far? Who would you say is the nicest guy on the team?
PETE CARSON: Whoo boy, there are so many, I would have to be really drunk to have this info pried out of me. I might reveal this if anyone wants to PM me on Facebook (pete.carson.7). Cameron Matthews happens to be a pretty nice guy (not just sucking up, you really are, lol). OK, just one more, but, remember, there are many, Z-Man is as sweet as he looks. Why does that make it even more fun to see him demolished?!? Poor Z-Man.
Cameron: The fans are gonna want something juicy. What’s it like “working” for me? Would you like to share any on-set tantrums I’ve had? Any behind-the-scenes secrets you’d like to reveal about myself? Be careful. I know you where you sleep.
PETE CARSON: Oh, man, I just want to show up and take great pics. I tend to ignore tantrums, and you are very good at keeping secrets. It does amuse me a little when you get frustrated (a rare occurrence) when someone needs some reminding/direction about the match. Even then, you deliver your critique in an aw shucks kind of way,  with a little expletive thrown in. As for what it’s like working for you, wow, I can’t imagine any of your competitors in the video world being any easier or professional. 
Cameron: You’ve come up with some great scenarios for videos. It may take some time for me to come around to the idea, but you’ve been right 100% of the time. What is Wrestler4Hire missing? What should we do next?
PETE CARSON: A few more tag matches would be great, even one in which the wrestler can tag (or be tagged) by anyone. And, as always, love the interfering ref scenario, even better if the ref strips down to pro gear and wrestles, like Slade Groman. I can think of another bald ref who appeared recently, and one with a head of pretty great long, grey hair…both those guys look like they could hold their own in some pro gear. Even something that evolves into ref vs ref. Maybe something similar with the manager or businessman, which you have done before. Oh, and, always more pec and face claws (to convulsing and KO).
Cameron: If you could have anyone wrestler for W4H, who would it be?
PETE CARSON: Charming Chase Addams would be quite the coups as a vicious heel with creative intricate holds. Kenny Star as a babyface.  And, if you can, Cole Cassidy…what a perfect muscle daddy heel to take care of some of your babyface wrestlers.
Cameron: Trunks, singlets or shorts…what is your favorite gear to see on the wrestlers?
Cameron: Favorite kind of match?
PETE CARSON:  Classic pro ending in a screaming submission, with the heel adding a humliating,  unnecessary pin. Then, as the loser attempts to leave the ring, an attack to return to the submission until a KO from the pain, or the heel gets tired.
Cameron: Favorite hold and who at Wrestler4Hire applies it best?
PETE CARSON: Sleeper, and there are so many…may have to go with Joey Nux…have you seen his arms?
Cameron: Favorite match of all-time? Don’t worry I won’t get mad if it isn’t me or Wrestler4hire
PETE CARSON: For straight up pro, would have to be that Tommy Rogers heeling the older ripped, tan jobber that I mentioned in my first long-winded answer. For videos, probably a match from the first wrestling video I ever bought,  Brad Rochelle vs Dante. Dante rolls him around the ring in a fig four headscissors, then piledrives him into oblivion. Poor Brad was nearly crying, not unlike the exquisite suffering of Z-Man and Scrappy.
Cameron: Recently, you came all the way to Maine to photograph a 12 hour day of wrestling for Wrestler4Hire. Not only did you take thousands of photos, but you helped set up, too. Now that was impressive, but I’ve seen you do that often. You go above-and-beyond.
The next day you had free reign to take pics anywhere you wanted at a live event I promoted with some friends. Your first “official ringside photographer” gig. The pics obviously came out great and there were more than expected as always.
What was that experience like? Any favorite moments? Any near collisions with the pro wrestlers while they were flailing and flopping around inches from you?
PETE CARSON: Well, first of all, to participate in a live show was a blast. As I have said, taking pics at W4H and at your live pro event is so far beyond any level of participation in wrestling that I expected…it is surreal.  My favorite moments really have to do with the appreciation of how much effort goes into a show and meeting some longtime favorites like Carlito,  Teddy Hart, Wes Brisco, Tony Atlas, Douglas James, and up-and-coming Jeff James. Having Teddy Hart pour water on the back of my pants while I was super focused on taking pics of a match was definitely something I never expected to be able to brag about. And, yes, from my assigned corner, there were definitely times I had to hide out crouched by the ring steps when the action spilled out of the ring and nearly on top of me, lol, was an experience. You don’t call it Pro Wrestling Experience for nothing! The fans had a blast. I won’t soon forget the expression on the girl’s face as she ran past me to get out of the way of the mean Ruasian heel chasing the Prince to smash him through a table. We were all having the time of our lives, lol.
Cameron: Any famous last words?
PETE CARSON: I would like to thank my friend David for getting sick and not being able to use his ticket at that pro wrestling show in Tampa last fall. I also would like to thank my friend Philip for calling you to see if you wanted to use that ticket, which you did, amd for introducing us at the show. I also want to thank Denis for talking my pics up to you and for pushing me to do that first shoot when you invited me. Also, and most importantly,  to thank you, for including me and giving me the opportunity to pursue my favorite hobby, wrestling photography. As you know, I am always looking for that next good pic. What I would like to plug is this,  if Cameron ever does a live W4H show,  or another pro wrestling event, fans,  IT IS WORTH TRAVELING for. WOW!

Summer Update (Pics Inside)

It’s been a little bit since I’ve updated this blog. Kind of surprising how I feel like I’m not doing much, but busy at the same time. Since my last post, I’ve had 2 shoots and promoted a live pro wrestling event.

It was chaotic! I used to do custom video shoots before pro wrestling events that I’d put on with friends. We’d use guys like Mike Bennett, Jimmy Jacobs, Barry Burke, Caleb Klein, Lane Hartley, Caleb Brand, Jonny Firestorm, Dick Rick, Nick Justice, MarkO, Teddy Trouble, Chase Sinn, Maverick, Ace Owens, etc. We’d do events in my hometown, Boston & Chicago. They were fun. We’d mix the hot pro guys in with some hot models and adult stars  on a long action filled day then cap off with an exciting performance in front of a live audience. I always had fun.

This one was WAY more stressful. To start things off Guido Genatto had been bitchin’ and moanin’ about this-and-that. Trust me, I understood. Dude has a nagging sciatica issue and he’s been running full steam lately with his pro career. Plus he’s had a kind of slow fishing season. I know the dude likes to fish and to catch ’em this year has been work. I’m still a huge fan of Guido and even got in a little match with him. I had a huge unfair advantage with his injury, but I think he knows he’s got a REAL challenge awaiting him upon his return to full health.

Teddy Trouble was a HUGE headache. I get it. He’s a rockstar. He’s an artist. He’s a creative type. But come on! Dude showed up late at every possible opportunity he could. He was supposed to arrive in the early morning hours on shoot day to grab his hotel in town. He’s a late night guy and I get that. I enjoy the late nights better myself. I feel more creative and ambitious. He ended up getting in 5 hours after he said he would, which was fine, but he got to the shoot late after having an issue with the restaurant staff at the hotel and them giving him foods that he is allergic to. That’s fine. He wasn’t too late and when I asked him to show off, he didn’t mind showing why he was so recognized worldwide. The next day he showed up to the show an hour plus late. I could understand if there was traffic or if he went on a scenic ride around Maine, but he was legit 3 miles from the venue. I have some other issues with Teddy and we will chat about them when I’ve had time to fully recover from the Teddy Trouble Experience. Aye yi yi!

Anyway, those are my big complaints and I don’t think life is too bad. Although it took me weeks to decompress for the stress of putting on a shoot and live event. The shoot went great and we even filmed a little piece for the local news before the Wrestler4Hire matches started to be shot. I got a hot new stud and almost everyone showed up that was supposed to. I had a cancellation from Braden Charron who got stuck working late and Tyler Royce couldn’t get the days off after he had said he was good for the shoot and live event. That’s life!

I’ll be adding the new stuff to the mix in late-September or early October. I participated in 3 matches and was at my leanest in years. Only weighing 160 pounds. Currently hanging at 165 pounds, which is 10-15 pounds off my recent weight this spring. I’ll definitely be in more videos now that I’m a beefcake 😉

The pro wrestling event was fun and was a great excuse to put on some entertainment in my hometown while seeing some friends that I haven’t seen in years. I talked my buddy into wrestling his first match after a 3 year absence and dare I say it was Match of the Night. The event was headlined by WWE Superstar and Netflix GLOW actor, Carlito. He’s always easy to deal with and gives a great performance. I put him in the Main Event against Caleb Klein. Also featured WWE Hall of Fame Inductee, “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas whom I inducted into the Maine Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame that I created. If you’re wondering who I faced then let me tell you. The aforementioned Teddy Trouble along with Ace Owens and myself had a fun little 3-way match. I did a CRAZY move that HAS TO BE SEEN! It was insane. Lots of good matches on the card and lots of hunks too. I will be releasing it as soon as I have it fully edited, so be on the lookout for that email.

The event featured W4H wrestlers Channing Travolta, MarkO, Zach Reno, DJ, Wes Ratchett, Cam Zagucci, Caleb Klein, Ace Owens, Teddy Trouble, New guy Jeff and myself, as well as BG East wrestler Rico Rave. Jonny Firestorm even came up to help out with camerawork.

I also competed in 4 other pro matches around my local area. None of them really planned far in advance as my body isn’t what it used to be and the sunshine draws me to the water in an attempt to slay some fish. I posted 3 of them HERE, if you haven’t watched them yourself. One wasn’t recorded. I think I may take up pro matches from time-to-time again. It’s great being in front of a crowd and I do miss it sometimes.

Here is a sunset pic from my personal collection…

Upcoming shoot in Los Angeles on Sept 11th and 12th. We will be filming lots of Hero Hunks stuff and pro wrestling matches. I have a few openings for custom script ideas, email if you’ve got something in mind.

Pretty excited for this crew and the potential highlights that could be created from the combinations of talent and hotness.

Chace LaChance
Aaron Lopez
Mark Muscle
Joey Nux
Reyes Valenti
Slade Gorman

I’ll have a few other models available, but won’t have them confirmed for a few more days. They’ll be mostly novice. Debating on flying Scrappy in. Maybe if I can get some customs with him. Any interest? Also, waiting to hear from AJ Irons and Jacob Van Acker. If anyone hears from Jobe Zander, tell him I’m looking for him, please.

I updated (lowered) the prices on some worn gear. I really want to clean out the CLEARANCE section, so if you wouldn’t mind helping that’d be appreciated.

I want to publicly wish Jonny Firestorm a grand birthday today! I was invited to come hang out with him but I am school shopping with my nephews tomorrow and I shouldn’t do that after a hangover.

As you may have heard, Jayden Mayne passed away recently. I can’t say I was surprised at the news, but it was definitely not my favorite text messages and emails to get. He was fun to be around. He enjoyed working hard, showing off and wrestling. It sucks he won’t be around in the ring and on the mat anymore. RIP Jayden Mayne

Los Angeles: Sept 10 to 13
Chicago: Mid-Sept
England: October
Germany: October

Greece: October

Road trip back south from Boston to Tampa: Mid-to-late September.

I plan to stop in:
Atlanta and/or South Carolina
Jacksonville, Daytona Beach & Orlando (Florida)

Definitely open to detours, so if you want to wrestle or have a good scenic route or something worth checking out on my trip back, email me to let me know