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Finally, after months and months of work, I was finally able to launch

Don’t worry Wrestler4Hire is still going to be up and the quality of the matches and wrestlers will continue to improve. This new site W4H Max is a way to showcase a bit more graphic matches whether that be showing more skin or being more provocative with the action. So give it a look-see and let me know your thoughts.

I’ve released 6 videos and will be releasing more in a “catalog” style. Meaning, I will release batches of videos at one time, instead of updating daily or every other day. Make sure you sign up for the EMAIL LIST, so you don’t miss out on any updates.

I am planning a shoot for W4H Max on November 26th in Tampa. I’m not sure I will be accepting custom video requests for that shoot, however, I most definitely am looking for feedback and suggestions for the new site. Shoot me an email with any thoughts (good and bad)

Expect the Jock Tickle site to be up in December or early January. I’ve gotten some good feedback and I’m planning to shoot some more tickle themed wrestling videos for it in the next few weeks.

Productivity is WAY up!

Wow! A lot has gone on since my last blog post…

-I’m finishing up both my NEW websites (Jock Tickle & W4H Max) and expect to launch both by November 11th, but don’t quote me on that. Last time, I planned to launch I ran into a little snag and had to set things back. The content on Jock Tickle is a bit light, but it’s a decent start. W4H Max will likely do a “Catalog-style” release formula. I’ll be shooting more for both sites this month. Just a few

-I’ve found about 12 matches that I forgot I had. I shoot so many videos that sometimes I forget that I have them. Always a nice surprise when you find one or two…or a dozen, especially when they are great matches.

-Also, purchased 4 oil wrestling videos from my friend featuring Scrappy, Blake Starr & Dashing Dustin. There’s also a video of Batman & Robin rolling around in oil. I’m working to get those done this weekend and ready for the site.

-Sold both my wrestling rings. Did some TLC to one. Painted it, fixed the ropes and turnbuckle pads, bought some new boards…nothing too fancy. I enjoyed that. Had them set-up in my friends yard for a few days, so played around with some wrestlers. Thinking once I launch the two new sites that I’ll be making it a regular thing, as there are plenty of rings and schools in my area that I could attend.

-Been reading quite a bit, too. Had to get away from all the screen time. Finished reading WWE Superstar and 1st Intercontinental Champion, Pat Patterson’s book. Was a quick read. Finished it in 2 sessions. Enjoyed hearing how he was accepted by nearly everyone in pro wrestling. I’m certain it wasn’t easy being gay in such a macho business in the 60s and 70s…hell, even the 90s and early 2000s. I’m glad he was able to change some minds along the way. His relationship with his partner, Louie, was inspiring, as well. Was hoping there’d be a few more juicy stories and some behind-the-scenes secrets, but overall, I thought it was a solid read. Definitely don’t regret reading it. I won tickets to a Meet-and-Greet that he’ll be at on Saturday near Tampa, but the timing doesn’t work out right for me to attend. Shoot me an e-mail if you’re local and would like to attend. I’ll give you my ticket!

-With the little additional screen time that I have had away from work has been the Greco-Roman World Championships on the Olympic Channel. Some great matches. Makes me wanna get back on the mat, even if not competitively then definitely for the cardio and muscle building. Not sure there’s any sport as intense as Olympic-style wrestling. I’ll be looking forward to watching the NCAA Tournaments this Spring.

-Bought some new wrestling gear and boots. The boots remind me of “Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich’s boots. White with red tassels/fringe.

-My travel schedule is a bit wacky right now. I was supposed to be going to Los Angeles & Dallas/Austin (Texas), but I’ve been so focused on work that I let that slip to the back burner. I’m still planning to go, but it seems like it’ll be in December or January.

I’ll be in the Northeast around Christmas (NYC & Boston). I won’t have a ton of free time, but I could be up for a match or two. I’m going to try to not to work too much during the Holiday and enjoy the time with family and friends, but I’m planning to shoot some videos. I’ve got a new guy up in Providence and I gotta get Chet Chastain back in some new videos.

Wanted to do London around January, as well. Can anyone tell me how cold it’ll be during that time? Maybe Spring would be better. Also, wanna hop over to Germany and some other European countries.

Japan is on my list. I’m looking at late-May. Any tips? Advice? Suggestions? Wanna wrestle me there?

-Saturday, November 3rd, I’m doing a small shoot featuring Austin Cooper, Jaxton Wheeler and 2 new guys. One is a smaller Hispanic wrestler whom my buddy met through the gym. The other a Midwestern dude who has lots of high school wrestling experience. I’m looking forward to shooting matches with both. I’ll post some pics after the shoot, as I’d hate to show you these guys to only find out they couldn’t make it. Here’s to hoping they both show up (I’m sure they will).

-Oh yeah, I sent out a newsletter with a super risque match. Check your e-mail, so you can hear about it…or shoot me an e-mail and I’ll fill you in on it.

That’s about it. I’m going to get back to being productive. I’ll be away from my computer this weekend, so I plan to handle all my e-mails before I go off the radar.

2 Months of Hunks

It’s going on 1 am and I’m just finishing up editing all the videos from this past Friday’s superhero themed video shoot for Hero Hunks. I’m enjoying the progression I’ve made on this batch. Definitely increased the sexuality of all 13 video scenes. I look forward to releasing the videos over the next 13 weeks and encourage all feedback on how I can continue to get better at making videos you enjoy.

A brief summary on what was recorded on Friday…

-Batman & Robin vs. Riddler…Batman stripped to his tight undies and chained to a cage while watching his sidekick punished.

-Batman vs. Nightwing…someone say “Fuck Batman”? That was a mistake on their part. Costumes definitely got ripped and destroyed

-Superman (Joey Nux) vs. Superboy (Scrappy)

-Superman vs. Le x Luther…you know kryptonite was definitely involved in subduing the Man of Steel!

-Dr. Hypno mind controls sexy superhero studs into punishing themselves and doing WHATEVER he demands of them.

That’s enough for a tease from me. What I really wanted to discuss is a review of the last 2 months of releases on 

My Top 5 Favorite Hero Hunk Releases

5. Clark Kent/Superman vs. Black Bandit
This was a fun video to shoot and almost made me feel like a real Hollywood director. Clark Kent was on the scene about to find a big clue in an on-going crime, but was drugged by the dark villain, Black Bandit played by my old roommate, Braden Charron.

Cali Boy played the roles of Clark Kent and Superman…and I think it’s safe to say that he was a perfect fit for both characters. He’s got the looks of a movie star and he’s got an excellent build like a superhero.

Something about that black latex suit makes me think immediately of a heel/villain. I actually have the guys put it on backwards and show a little pec cleavage because I think it looks hotter.

4. Batman vs. Robin

Joey Nux became an instant favorite of mine upon our first time meeting. He’s a genuinely great guy. Always has a smile on his face (unless he’s playing the baddie) and always gives you his attention. Definitely makes shoot days more enjoyable having him “on set.”

I knew as soon as I decided to do a hero themed website that I MUST do Batman vs. Robin. Something just screamed out that slight nuisance Robin needed to be shown some tough love from the Head Bat In-Charge. I had the perfect Robin in my mind…Blake Starr. He’s got the naivety down…plus look at the shredded body he brings to every shoot. Definitely shouts, “dominate my pathetic ass.”

These two feel like the real crime fighting duo. I’ve included using them to play these characters and look forward to more scenes featuring these two in action. Blake Starr has crushed my hopes of ever taking over the Hollywood role of the Boy Wonder.

3. Black Bandit vs. Sidekick Scrappy

Two original characters. Well, as original as I can expect from myself at this stage. Scrappy has the perfect speedo on and hides just enough of his boyish face to pull off a superhero look. When he gets to a shoot, he’s ready for action…and he rarely wants to take a break. In fact, he actually filmed 7 matches here the other day on just 2 hours of sleep. It’s not often that I run into someone who can barely sleep the night before a shoot and go full steam all day for 14 hours. Definitely nice when others can run with you.

Actually, thinking about it Braden is a machine like that, too. He stayed over the night before the shoot. Got in at 1 in the morning, but we stayed up chatting until 3 or 4 am then he got up with the sun to get in a workout before the shoot. To top that he grabbed another workout mid-shoot. I think he plays the Black Bandit character very well. His muscles bulging in that latex.

Braden has come a long way since we first met back in 2005 at BG East. He’s not JUST a muscle jobber anymore. In this video, he dominates Sidekick Scrappy who has been gassed and poisoned by the dark force. Scrappy suffers so well. Not only do you see the pain and pleasure in his face, but his chiseled body as well.

 2. Spidey vs. Scarlett Skull

I honestly gotta give credit to Jaxton Wheeler for this one. To be fair, the only interest I had in this one at first was to see my favorite childhood hero, Spidey. Now, I’ve personally played Spider-man a few times in my life…in private matches and some videos. No, I won’t reveal who is in the costume, but I bet you may be able to ponder a guess or two.

Back to the man that made this happen, Jaxton. He had all kinds of kinky ideas to humiliate the spandex clad mischievous hero. What an evil man he is.

I like watching superheroes (and even wrestlers) suffer from a good poison gas. There are a bunch of ways to sell the effects of the potentially deadly vapors. Each guy seems to have a slightly different take (or approach) to their poisoning. On top of the great gas scene, the owner of the facility that I rent in Florida, helped us capture the goodie in a cargo net then hang him from the ceiling. Definitely was a fun production and I got to enjoy something fully live for a change.

 1. White Wolf vs. Tsunami

This is my favorite. It stars someone I consider a friend, Christian Thorn versus one of the biggest up-and-coming stars on the underground scene. Both guys are great to have at shoots and make sure to keep things fun.

Christian is an athlete, so he catches on really quick. So much so that Jonny Firestorm was trying to get him to do crazy pro wrestling moves that took us years to learn…AND he actually did them. I’ve put him in the ring and on the mat with all experience levels and he always makes it intriguing to watch.

In this match, I taught he and Scrappy a few moves that I thought would add some superhero like stunts to this match-up. We went over things like a flying headscissor takeover and hurricanrana (or is it a Frankensteiner?). I legitimately only went over the moves two, maybe three times and the guys had them figured out.

Scrappy is INSANELY strong. I’ve seen 240 pound guys struggle to press 170 pounders. Scrappy just hoists the victim in the air with ease…and he’s only 165 pounds himself. It’s gotta be the most power pound-for-pound on the roster.

Both guys are upcoming superheroes who are competing to join The League. I don’t recall who won in the end, but both are definitely going to be in future videos. In fact, Scrappy just dominated Braden Charron as White Wolf. Stripped him right out of his trunks even.

So in conclusion…(just kidding, this isn’t a college term paper)

Looking for your thoughts on these videos and on upcoming videos. Also, what are your thoughts on Special FX?

October 12th Shoot

It’s been a few months since my last major shoot. I’ve finalized an excellent return roster for my upcoming video shoot in Tampa.

The major goal is to shoot more Superhero themed stuff and some W4H Max content, which will be a bit more edgy. I’m open to ideas and custom video requests for this shoot, so over the next couple weeks shoot me an email ( and we will discuss making the ideas a reality.

I’ll also have access to a couple other local guys in the Tampa area. If you don’t see who you’re looking for in the gallery above,  just shoot an email and ask me if they are available.

You Gotta Get A Gimmick…Match (Guest Blog)

“Do something special, anything that’s special!
You’re more than just a mimic
When you got a gimmick!
Get yourself a gimmick,
And you too can be a star!”
– Gypsy

I’ve been asked by Cameron to talk about “Gimmick/Specialty Matches.” I know, a controversial topic amongst us undergrounders, but something I love, and hell, if it inspires more guys to give it a shot? I’m in.

Okay, what’s a “Gimmick Match”? Anything really. It’s just taking a regular style match and adding a…twist.

Stakes Match

One of the most popular amongst my fellow undergrounders, a Stakes Match is pretty obvious. The two wrestlers put something up as stakes for the winner. A bet. A wager.

It’s inspired by Mexican Lucha Libre Stakes Matches that involve the ULTIMATE humiliation, losing your mask or hair. In our world, they include Gear Matches, where the winner strips the loser of their gear and gets to keep it. I’m not too much a fan of this match, as I pay a lot for gear, and ain’t nobody gonna take it from me. I’m definitely gonna put up a fight to keep it.

Other popular variations include: Loser Gets F@#$&D Match, and the Slave Match (where the loser has to lick the winners boots, be his slave, and say things like “Yes, Daddy Master Sir!”…you get it).

These matches up the ante and importance of the showdown between the wrestlers.


Tuxedo Match (Rip & Strip)

Okay… so this match is up for interpretation, but the premise is always the same. You start dressed, and the first one to have all their clothing removed (or torn off their body) is the loser.

Some guys like to do jeans and t-shirts, I prefer a suit or tuxedo. Two cocky dudes in formal wear, beating the crap out of each other and ripping each other’s clothes off until the loser is left in their trunks (or a thong/jockstrap…or less, if you are lucky).


Hogtie, Rodeo & Rope Matches

Awwww the Hogtie Match. Pretty self explanatory, isn’t it? The winner is the first guy to hogtie the other and leave him like a stuck pig in the middle of the ring. Or, if you are feeling frisky, you can humiliate him even more by carrying him out of the ring. Watch early Bunkhouse Buck matches for lessons on hogtying. NOTE: an extremely sexy variation was from WWF during the 90s. The Repo Man, yes, the character was an actual Repo Man, would destroy his jobber, and then tie his hands and his feet together and drag him out of the ring, throw him over his shoulder and carry him into the locker room, thus “repossessing” him. This is more of a “Post Match Humiliation” scenario, which will be the subject of a future blog.

These matches can get into even a little bondage with special knots being used to capture the victim and restrain him. Is there anything hotter than a sexy body tied up, squirming while not being able to do a damn thing about it, except wait for the heel to finally show some mercy….or exchange his release for something better?


Ball Busting Match

Oh… damn! This… is the Crown Jewels of underground wrestling gimmicks (pun intended). A match so perfect in its conception, that anyone that half asses an attempt is immediately called out as a phony.

What is a Ball Busting Match? A match where you attack your opponent’s sweet spot until someone submits. The stipulation (usually) is that you have to make them submit with a move that involves some cock and/or ball torture. This art can be achieved by adding a sexy ball pounding to pretty much any submission move. A Boston Crab? Turn him over, put pressure on his back, and then grab the jewels. A Torture Rack? Move your hand up his crotch and squeeze ‘dem nuts until he cracks.

CAN-AM has had a good run of these with their DECROTCHERY series starring the “Centerpiece” himself, Jobe Zander. Personally, to me, it hit its peak in Video 15, where Jobe destroys the gigantic bulge of the beautiful Nathan Corjito. It’s like watching Puccini, a complete work of art. Cameron Matthews, if you are reading this, get him to W4H as soon as possible. I want my own shot to bust those beautiful balls.


Crybaby Match

Have you seen this match? Ever do it? Let me explain. A “Crybaby Match” is based on a match from WWF, where Razor Ramon and the 1-2-3 Kid (X-PAC) agreed to a match where the loser would be whoever cried first and was pinned or submitted to the heel. They would then have to suffer being diapered, drinking from a baby bottle, and having baby powder thrown all over them. Of course neither guy wanted this to happen, and thankfully, the “God Amongst Heels” Razor Ramon took out 123 Kid, knocking him unconscious, then pinned him and made him his bitch in front of the crowd. When the Kid woke up, he realized how humiliated he was and started crying in front of the crowd. I loved it. I’m not into the diaper play (no judgement), but I am totally into utter degradation in the ring.


David vs. Goliath Match

As someone who is on the taller side, I’m not a giant, but I’m not short, this match… holy shit… this match does it to me. This is the ultimate match of big vs. little.

I’ve had a few of these matches and I love them. It can be a Giant vs. a Little Person, or just someone on the short side. The thing is, it’s gotta be a height difference by more than a foot or two. I’m always the “Goliath”, and in a twist from the original tale, I am almost always victorious over “David”. But, one time (I get hard just thinking about it), Ricky Vegas from kicked the living shit out of me. Seriously, I under-estimated him. He knew his stuff and took me down without breaking a sweat. I think of him using his strong as hell legs to head scissor me, then straddling my face, stuffing his giant bulge down my throat, and hooking both my legs for the pin, I was so hard I thought it was gonna break…I need to call him again soon for a rematch.

NOTE: Check him out demolishing Cam and Z-Man on W4H, SOOOOOO worth it. 


House Cleaning Match

This was very popular during GLOW’s original run in the 80s. Sort of a Street Fight meets “Home and Garden”.

The basic premise was that opponents would have a match in the ring, but surrounding the ring would be various cleaning utensils: a mop, a broom, a dust pan, windex, a vacuum cleaner, etc. These objects would then be used to beat down your opponent.

Could you imagine beating your jobber down with a broom? I couldn’t… until BG EAST perfected this match in DEMOLITION 11, where Jobe Zander was humiliated by Cole Cassidy. Cocky “Hobber” Jobe (a Hobber is a Heel/Jobber, I’ll explain in a separate post) shows up for his own personal pose off, before Cole Cassidy enters and notices the ring is a mess. After he tells Jobe to clean it all up, Jobe shoots his mouth off (of course), they make a wager that the loser will clean up the ring, and what follows is 45 minutes of the best degradation ever. Jobe suffers low blows from a broom, gets tied to the ring post with a vacuum hose, which is then turned on and stuck to his “centerpiece”, he gets spanked with a foot stool, and it all culminates with Cole giving a humiliated Jobe a heart punch KO, while the bulging Hobber has a mop bucket over his head. Never thought that it would be my thing, but, yeet! Sign me up for the next Wrestling Home Economics class. Woof!


Well, that’s PART ONE of the “Gimmick” series. When I write the next, we will have even more sexy gimmicks to talk about, including: Casket, Handicap, Street Fight, Wedgie, Lumberjack, Dog Collar, and many, many more. Until then, let me or Cam know what kind of gimmicks you like. No judgement here, what tickles your taste buds? Believe me, there is someone out there that shares your fantasy. I’ve had guys want to do a Blindfold Match, Superhero Matches and even a Ballet Dancer Match.

Your imagination is the limit! In other words, let’s get freaky!

Upcoming Travel & Video Shoot Schedule

I’ll be heading back south in just a few weeks, so I figured I’d post my schedule through the next couple of months. I start my road trip back to Florida on September 17th and will spend a few days wrestling on the way down…

September 4th – Boston & Providence
September 5th – Chicago
September 17th – Boston & NYC
September 18th – NYC area
September 19th – Washington, DC area
September 20th & 21st – Charlotte & Atlanta areas

I also plan to make it to the following areas this Autumn…

October – Los Angeles area
October – Dallas, Austin & San Antonio (Texas)

Early November – London (England)

Shoot me an email if you wanna discuss setting up a match against me,


I’ve been getting a lot of texts, Facebook messages and phone calls from guys ready to get back into the wrestling scene…and, to be honest, I am, too! So I’ll be organizing a couple shoots for October & November. I’m thinking of something like that following….

October – Los Angeles – Wrestler4Hire & W4H Max Shoot

Here’s a couple guys on the shortlist that I’m looking into getting for this shoot….

-Jobe Zander
-Cali Boy
-Chace LaChance
-Rolf Fulton
-Kyle Braun
-Braden Charron
-AJ Irons
-Tristan Baldwin
-Christian Thorn
-Joey Nux

October – Tampa – Wrestler4Hire & Hero Hunks Shoot

Here are a few of the guys I’m thinking I want to use…

-Blake Starr
-Chet Chastain

-Elite Eliot
-Braden Charron
-Ty Alexander
-James Quarterstaf
-Rio Garza
-Mark Muscle
-Chace LaChance
-Tristan Baldwin
-Ricky Vegas

I have a few other “newbies” I’m looking to chat with about joining the underground scene.

As always, I’m open to suggestions on who you’d like to see at upcoming shoots. Send me your ideas and feedback to

As well, if you want a custom video created, hit me up with your idea and we’ll discuss making it a reality.

I am looking to do some more tickling videos for my Jock Tickle site. I’ve currently put it on the back burner, so I could launch W4H Max in October. I’ll be finalizing that website over the next month or so. Launch…and more!

Forgive me for the short blog post. I had a private wrestling match the other day in Boston and think I’ve sprained my thumb. It’s been over a week now and there is still lingering pain/tenderness. Texting, typing and grabbing things has been a little more difficult lately.

I wanted to FINALLY announce that my Superhero-themed website, HERO HUNKS, is now officially open. I’ve kept it very simple. At least I hope. There are just 3 videos currently on the site, with one new video being added every week. The site is strictly Streaming Rental or Download-To-Own. No MEMBER VIDEOS like on this site. I think it’ll keep things straight-forward and you’ll be able to select only what interests you.

Here are the 3 videos currently available….

This is what you can expect from over the next few months. Let me know your thoughts

Lastly, I’ve adjust the BLOG page with a better layout, as I am planning to have GUEST BLOGGERS. My roommate helped me with the idea. I’m a fan of his mind when it comes to costumes, storylines and other wrestling or gay lifestyle insight. He’s already sent me a few samples and I’ll be posting them more often. I’ll still do a blog, but I think the more frequent posts will give you more reasons to visit the site…Heck, maybe even you could do a guest blog. Share some of your opinions.

I’m, also, planning to interview wrestlers on the blog, so send me some questions you have and feedback on which roster members you’d like me to interview first,

Off to write an e-mail newsletter then I’ll be able to rest my injured thumb. Stay well 🙂

Where have I been hiding?

Not gonna lie, I’ve been enjoying the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I have been working on the site(s), too. I’ve just been spending a lot of time fishing and enjoying other hobbies. I’ve been meaning to write this blog for awhile. The reminders in my phone kept going off and I even had the plan to write it on a long car ride to Boston last week, but I got into a good conversation with my friend and ran out of time.

The Hero Hunks site is only missing two more graphics then it will be ready to launch. As long as the test run goes well. I expect to have the graphics in hand by this week. I don’t have nearly the capabilities as my buddy who helps out with the photoshop work. I had things ready to launch on July 4th, but the site was working properly, so I had to push it back. Other sites are still being worked on, but I definitely need more videos before I think I’m ready to launch Jock Tickle. As for W4H Max, that’ll be launching this Fall once you’ve had enough time to enjoy the Summer weather. Expect that around late September.

As for my Summer “vacation,” I’m up in Northern New England where it’s been a bit cold for my liking. I think Florida has warmed my blood up and I look forward to returning to the warmer climate once it cools off this September.

My travels have been postponed, but I’m sure I’ll be ready for California, Texas, Chicago & more soon enough. Planning a trip to Alaska with some friends. Any recommendations of things to see or do there? Shoot me an email, if so. It’ll be my first time there.

I’ve done a few private wrestling matches in Boston, Providence & New York City and I’ve been working out locally at a pro ring in town with a friend and a few local wrestling students. I even attended a WWE Live Event last week with my nephew and a couple other family members. Had great seats; 2nd row ringside. Thanks for a past wrestler on the site for hooking up some awesome tickets at the very reasonably price of FREE dollars. I am, however, annoyed that WWE was selling collectible cups with 32 ounces of drink for $5, but only poured a 20 oz. beverage into the cup. Anyone else had this experience at a WWE event? I can’t complain too much about it, but it annoys me when something is advertised then they switch it thinking people won’t notice.

Anyway….saw Jonny Firestorm briefly a couple weeks back at his place in Southern New England. I don’t spend nearly enough time with that guy. He’s smart and funny. Not sure if that comes across in his videos. Originally my plan was to spend the summer in Massachusetts at a friend’s house, so I could spend time wrestling and hanging out with my friends in the area. It seems I’m riding these next couple months out up in Maine. Much different pace up here than Tampa, which can get boring but I can always get out of the area if I really want to get into some action.

Been keeping busy with other tasks. Remember that coffin/casket from Vampire Tales? Well, I finally painted it how I wanted it (after 5 years of putting it off). It’s now black with red velvet lining and I think I’m gonna need to use it in an upcoming video. Also, been doing other crafts/carpentry. It’s nice to step away from the computer screen after the last 18 months of a full steam workload.

No plans for any shoots coming up. I worked hard to make sure I could enjoy a couple nice months by doing lots of shoots before July hit. I’ll be back at it soon though.

As for the blog, I’ve been debating adding guest contributors to the blog and adjusting the layout to be more user-friendly. I finally decided I’d pull the trigger. To modify the layout to do what I want is only gonna cost me a $1000 (eye roll), but I think you’ll enjoy it. My roommate from Florida has a great mind for the scene. Let’s be honest, I’m really just good at wrestling and acting like I’m in pain (and sometimes being in pain).

I’ll still be doing a blog, but I think it’ll be nice to have more frequent additions, especially from people I admire and look to for help when I try to grow this site. Hell, maybe I can convince Ron Sexton or Kid Leopard. I think it’d be interesting to hear their thoughts on the wrestling world.

That should catch you up on what’s going on in my world. Just trying to slow down for the summer and enjoy some beautiful sunsets. May even take up golfing. Had a fan hit me up saying it’s a great hobby to take your mind off things and told me he was sending me a set of clubs that were left behind at his place of employment. I’m always open to suggestions on things to do, see, explore, etc.  I’ll respond to the non-urgent emails in a couple weeks (I hope), thanks for understanding. I need the time away from a computer screen, but I do make sure that the emails that need immediate attention get handled.

Hope this post wasn’t too long for you to read.

Let me leave you with this picture that I took of a sunset in Maine.

Now you know why I prefer to be away from the computer screen lately 🙂

Who is Cameron Matthews?

It’s kind of amusing when I receive an e-mail from someone who doesn’t know who I am. Don’t take that the wrong way. I’m not that arrogant. When I ran this site as it seemed most were fans of myself and knew I ran that site. I knew years ago that there was a “shelf life” for someone like myself in front of the camera. I’ve had a good run and definitely outlasted the average stud.

I started pro wrestling when I was 14 years old…and I say I had a decent run. I quit my life as a full-time pro wrestler in 2013. For over half my life I had classified myself as a wrestler, but my body was aching and the goal of making it big in the WWE didn’t seem as important to me as it once did. I’m a pretty damned good pro wrestler. I say that with a bit of cockiness, but only because I’ve put a lot into learning the craft.

Traveling around as a wrestler is cool. New places, new people and dozens of adoring fans. However, it’s a bit of a lonely road. It was time for something new.

So I decided I’d build a wrestling website. I had a bunch of friends I had met through my decade-plus career that had an interest in joining the “dark side” of wrestling (insert evil laugh). I understood that some were a bit concerned on how it may impact their career aspirations, but I knew you could still have a hot wrestling match without nudity.

I’m wandering off course…

Who is Cameron Matthews? Maybe you know, but maybe you don’t.

I’m the eager, young independent wrestler from the middle of nowhere USA, who chased his dream in front of a dozen fans and in front of a thousand fans. I checked off my goal of wrestling on TV when I got destroyed on Ring of Honor in Philadelphia. Still one of my career highlights.

I’m the guy who traveled thousands upon thousands (dare I say millions) of miles learning and (nearly) perfecting my craft. I understand how things work inside the ring…on the mat…and behind the camera. I know all…scratch that…most of the little things that make the difference. Whether it be having your face up towards the camera instead of looking at the mat, how to progressively tell a story with facial expressions or movements and most recently costuming talent.

I could probably chat forever about how to do wrestling properly in the right company. Hell, often I do with my friends or at wrestling practice (which I still attend even though I’m “inactive”).

See, there I go…off track, again.

Cameron Matthews the guy who just a few weeks after his 19th birthday arrived at the BG East house outside of Boston. My first few days in the underground wrestling world I got to meet legends like Aryx Quinn, Brad Rochelle, Mr. Joshua and Kid Leopard.

I was the guy that was “too small” to make it at Thunder’s Arena, but I ended up proving that big muscle guys aren’t the only guys worth seeing on video. I made a couple friends there including super stud, Big Sexy.

I’m the dude who would drive for hours and hours to have an hour long wrestling match at a hotel, or in a ring, or wherever we could make work. Just because I liked wrestling so much. Sure I made money doing it, but I could make money doing a few things…I’m sure McDonald’s would love an employee like me 🙂

Oh yeah, I’m also Denny Webb. The underwhelming opponent for many at NHB-Battle. What an adventure wrestling in New York City with my friends. And traveling on a plane for the first time.

One of my teen dreams was to be good enough for Cyberfights. I used to watch guys like Christopher Daniels, Suicide Kid, Blitzkrieg Kid, Kidd USA and Travis Lee showcase their talents for the early internet wrestling federation. How cool was it when I got on a cross country plane next to Kidd USA? A guy I used to watch when I was 10-11 years old at a local federation that I looked up to. Cyberfights allowed me to wrestle future WWE Champion, Seth Rollins (aka Tyler Black) and standouts like Davey Richards & Joey Ryan.

I’ve got to do a lot because of wrestling. Like win multiple Match of the Year awards at BG East, including one of my all-time favorite matches against Austin Cooper.

Remember when I finally won the much deserved award for Best Ass after two years of being runner-up. Speaking of runner-up, how about Cameron Matthews the high school wrestler who was second best in his weight class at the state championship meet. Losing to the champion isn’t all that bad, right?

I met some great friends when I went over to England to wrestle for Spotland Scrappers. What an awesome group of guys they are. From the two guys who run the show to the wrestlers. It’s like a family there, plus where else do you wrestle in custard or in a ring full of balloons? I still keep in touch with those guys and they even helped progress Wrestler4Hire when I first got started.

I got my ass handed to me in mixed wrestling matches for my buddies website Fox Fight and a hilarious Greek dude named Theo, who runs Mixed Wrestling Zone. Hung out with my childhood friend, Paul Hudson in our first experience around legitimate porn stars. An eye-opening experience being from a rural area.

…and even got to play a in the sci-fi world as a villain and superhero at Hard Heroes, the Can-Am affiliate, under my alias “Trevor Matthews.” (FUN FACT: Trevor Matthews was a one-time wrestling name I used on the indy scene, except we pronounced it Trevah)

What fun that was and it felt like being a legit star. We had a professional make-up artists, who gave our abs the Hollywood look, awesome strapless eye masks and the sets were incredible. I even got to play the role of a childhood favorite, Spidey against a pro wrestling pal of mine and ball bash legend, Jobe Zander.

I could keep going, but sitting in front of a computer doesn’t offer me the same kind of experience that it used to. Back when I’d spend every possible moment online. I need action!

So I’ll leave it at that. I’m Cameron Matthews. I run this site (for better or worse). I don’t mean this to send sassy, but I was once somebody with enormous potential in the pro wrestling world and if you ever find yourself looking for something to watch on YouTube give the search bar some use by typing in my name.

I wish I had comments under here, so I could hear all your praise 😉

I’m going to check my phone to see if Can-Am Owner, Ron Sexton messaged me back as he helps me with the technical aspects of this site. I have to do some administrative work on the Hero Hunks site and it doesn’t seem to be working properly, so hopefully he can help get this resolved. What a solid dude he is. Can’t praise him enough for his help and kind heartedness.

I don’t classify myself as a wrestler anymore….and I’d hate to say I’m an entrepreneur. I’m just a dude with a weird way of looking at the world who likes having fun with a few of his friends. I don’t wrestle as much as I used to, but I still enjoy a good wrestling match whether in the ring or on the mat. I prefer lying in my own bed these days rather than hotel rooms. I still log 50,000 miles a year inside a car and 30,000 miles by airplane. Not bad for a small town kid with a dream of making it to the BIG TIME.

Some thoughts…

I finally have had time to cool down from being in travel mode. Spent the first week or so up in Northern New England visiting family…cousins, nephews, sister, aunts and uncles. Finally got in some fishing time with a buddy. It’s still cold up here and I know I always come up north too early. You can’t beat the Spring and Summer views up here. Hell, even early Autumn is beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed that pic from today’s trip.

Speaking of trips, I’m hoping back into a car to drive to Florida for a few days. I have to shoot a couple videos with Joey Nux, Joey King, Blake Starr & Austin Cooper. Maybe even Brute Baynard or Nick Sparx.

Someone requested a Cowboy themed shoot and I’ve had trouble scheduling it. You know how hard it is to pin down people once the Spring sun comes out…but I’ll make sure it is done. I’ve also got a couple new superhero outfits, including a killer Superman costume that I’d like to try out. Thinking Superman vs. Batman and Superboy vs. Superman. I’m open to other ideas and maybe another custom video. Although, I’m looking for a short shoot…only 5 or 6 matches 😉

I don’t think anyone does more matches per shoot than I do. And I may even argue that we have more fun, too!

So I hop into a car on May 29th….and roughly here is my travel plans:
May 29th – NYC/Philadelphia/DC area
May 30th – South Carolina & Atlanta
May 31st through June 3rd – Orlando/Tampa
June 4th/5th – South Carolina & Atlanta
June 6th or 7th – Back in New England

After that quick road trip, I have to finally get out to Chicago to discuss my taxes with a buddy that helps me out with that. I figure I’ll spend 3 days enjoying Springtime in Chicago and take an overnight trip to St. Louis.

Los Angeles and San Francisco look to be on the agenda for Late June. I want to do the ride up Pacific Coast Highway again. I’ll grab a buddy from Boston and maybe a friend from Los Angeles for the forced companionship on the ride (just kidding…or am I?). It’s a beautiful drive and I’d strongly recommend it if you haven’t. Actually, just driving on PCH has always been extremely enjoyable to me. I try to do even just a few miles every time I’m out there. A Venice Beach drum circle sounds appealing right now.

So I’ll be in LA and I think I should shoot some stuff for my new sites…the tickling one, the superhero one & the more extreme, W4H Max site. I’m in the final stages on all 3. Now, I just gotta pick the perfect day to officially launch. Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty in store for this site through the end of the year.

Soooooo…That’s what I’ve been up and have on my plate for the next month or so. Here is what it looks like tentatively:

Travel Schedule:

May 29th – June 5th: Road trip (Boston to Florida and back)
Mid-June: Chicago & St. Louis
Late June: Los Angeles & San Francisco
July: Boston & NYC
August/September: London

If you have any input on where I should travel during these summer months, please shoot me an email, (Yes, I do answer the emails myself)