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Oops…I did it again

I don’t know where to start this blog post…maybe at the most recent item I wanted to discuss and the reason for this posts title…or perhaps I’d be better off talking about my trip home for the holidays and fun I had while there.

Let’s start at the most important item. I was going through footage from the shoot I did on December 27th in Boston. The footage looked great. The matches were very good. The guys and I had a blast filming them. It was like our own little Holiday Party with a wrestling ring as center stage.

I get home to Florida and am going through the footage, excited to edit and upload to the site. What is the white noise on the video? Maybe I can edit it out. So I increase the volume on the clip. Oh no! This looks familiar. My suspicions haven’t been fully confirmed (as I am awaiting a response from Jonny Firestorm), but I am fairly certain that I forgot to hook up an external mic on my friend’s camera. That’s right 14 action-packed matches with no grunting or groaning or loud slams on the canvas.


I am already working on scheduling a re-shoot. But I don’t know what I’m going to do with the videos without audio. The matches were good.

And I thought the themes were done well. We did:
“Sleepers & Cobra Clutches”
“Pro Power Moves”
“Gutbash/Ab Attack”
and a couple “Pros Up-close”

What do you think I should do with them? Would you be interested in videos without audio? At a severely discounted rate, of course!

So I’ll probably make the drive up to Boston from Florida. A long 20 hour trek to the frozen north where I’ll be doing the similar matches. This time with the grunts & groans. Right now, I am hoping to get everything set up for early February, which should work out great as I’ll be able to catch my old high school wrestling team for a practice or two…or at the very least check them out in some tournament matches.

The roster will be something like this…

Early February – Boston, MA – ROSTER
-Garrett Thomas
-Elite Eliot
-Chet Chastain
-Tyler Royce
-Guido Genatto
-Flash LaCash
-Channing (pictured up)
-Braden Charron
-Cam Zagucci

Please, if you want a custom video, please, please, do so 🙂

It’s a long, long drive…and I think I’ve taken every route. To fly would make sense, but I have so much stuff that I travel with: a photo camera, speedos, boots, kneepads, other accessories and this time I’ll bring my own video camera so I can’t mess it up (hopefully).

I’ve got another shoot coming up this Monday then I’ll be finalizing things for Los Angeles. I’d like to keep LA’s shoot smaller than normal, but I have a hard time keeping things small. We’ll see what I round up for guys. I’ll try to blog about it in a week or two when things are set in stone.

January 7th – Tampa, FL – ROSTER
-Chace LaChance
-Cal Bennett
-Ricky Vegas
-Ethan Axel Andrews
-Gabe Steele
-New Guy, Graham Varnett
-Jaxton Wheeler
-Jaxton Wheeler Friend (Super Jacked)
-Matty O’Boy
-Nick Justice

We’ll be doing a shoot then sneaking back to my place to shoot some W4H Max and Wrestler4Hire matches in the ring. I may even step into the ring if I can shed a couple holiday pounds. I’d like to face Scrappy & Chace LaChance. Maybe finally shut up Matty O’Boy, who keeps trash talking me via text and social media about how he looks forward to embarrassing me in a match.

If you’d like a custom video to be added to the shoot schedule, send me an email

Regarding my trip home for the holidays. It went very well. Saw just about everyone of my immediate family members: my grandma, mom, sister, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and a bunch of my friends while I was home. Actually was warmer than usual, except the day that my buddies and I went ice fishing. Brrrrrrr. No fish were caught, but the view was beautiful.

Before I forget, I’d like to thank everyone that sent me a holiday greeting, card or gift. Thank you very much. I appreciate the gesture and the time involved. I hope you had a great holiday and I think 2019 will be the best year yet. Hopefully for everyone!

I’m off to bed early, but look forward to hearing from you regarding what you think I should do with the videos that do not have audio.

Oh yeah, THANK YOU for making the holiday sales so successful. I wanted to start 2019 with fresh videos and I felt you may have been postponing some purchases because of the costs. Hope you enjoyed the matches you’ve seen!

Alright…Nighty night