Upcoming Shoots

I set a reminder in my phone thinking I’d have much more to talk about for this blog. Everything seems to be going well. I will be loading the last of the brand new content onto the site to be released throughout January, February and March. After that I am back behind the camera with two big shoots.

I can’t say everything now, but let’s just hope that things go as planned and we both get to see these guys in action.

My first shoot will be in Tampa at the infamously dubbed Jack Shack and Prop House. That is where I mainly have been shooting in Tampa and consider it my “home base.” I keep all my gear, costumes, boots, props and what-have-you at that place. I’ve got a solid roster in place for that shoot.

Below are the names and some photos of the wrestlers at the upcoming shoots. Some do private for hire wrestling sessions. If you live an one of the areas below and want to do some Pro vs. Joe stuff, contact me info@wrestler4hire.com and I’ll try to set it up

January 20th

-Christian Thorn
-Dashing Dustin
-New guy, Seth (tall and very lean, could be a runway model)
-New guy, Gabe
-Secret former TV Wrestler

Also, I may have Blake Starr, Marco Thunder, Matty O’Boy and Brute Baynard available.

Shoot your custom video requests to my e-mail, info@wrestler4hire.com


The other shoot is the biggest one I’ve ever had…with a huge surprise star. I’ll be shoot in NYC, I believe. If I know any photographers in that area who’d like to shoot for me that day…then give me a shout.

February 22nd

-Cali Boy
-Braden Charron
-Tristan Baldwin
-Chet Chastain
-Joey Nux

I may see if Christian Thorn and/or Zach Reno are available for that one, too.

Any custom video ideas you have for that, drop them to me at my e-mail: info@wrestler4hire.com


I think after these two shoots, I’ll be back behind the computer for a bit. However, I am curious as to who you’d like to see more of in 2018. I’ve got a good amount of matches to release up until March/April but I wanna start planning some Springtime shoots.

That’s all for now. Make sure you vote below. I’ll be announcing who won the polls in a week or so.

Happy Holidays – 25% Off

Wow! What a last few months it has been.

The shoots have gone well. Continuously improving. Always great finding the right guys to mix together for matches and in the locker room.

I keep getting asked when I’ll be posting the new stuff with Scrappy, Christian Thorn aka Clayton & Joey Nux aka Joey Justice. Well, I’m finalizing the trailers and will be adding them for January, February & March. Expect a TON of awesome new videos/matches to start of the new year.

I’ve been trying to wait until January to set up two shoots, but I don’t know if it’s possible. So many good looking wrestlers and so many options for matches…plus I have a few surprises in store…including former TV wrestlers debuting for Wrestler4Hire. I’ll be keeping those a secret until I film with them, but you may catch a sneak peek over on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

Speaking of social media, I just posted a coupon code for the remainder of the year.

I’ll be sending that out with the newsletter tomorrow, as well. Over the weekend, I’ll be finishing the categories for the YEAR END AWARDS POLL that will be being sent out via the mailing list. So, if you haven’t yet, sign-up to cast your votes.

Answered 200+ emails this evening. I believe I got to everyone. You know the routine, if I missed you, just shoot me another e-mail. It’s hard keeping track of everything and I appreciate the patience you have. I am aiming for the best year yet in 2018…as I am sure you are, also.

Have you seen this year’s Cavey Awards by Alex Miller? He’s got some great insight and I always enjoy checking out his blog. W4H was named in many categories including #2 in Wrestling Companies. That’s great a feat considering I wasn’t even mentioned last year. Hoping to claim the throne in 2018.

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE CAVEY AWARDS – including Matches, Wrestlers and more

GIFs created by Alex Miller’s Cave

Braden Charron & Austin Cooper Return and more!

Hope you had a great weekend. I had an incredibly productive last few days. Editing 46 NEW videos and sorting through thousands of photos from previous shoots. As well, I have finished scheduling two shoots and have begun to work on another.

Just moved into a new temporary place with a buddy. Trying to stay warm this winter in Florida. Going home for the holidays, so I’ll get a week’s worth of painfully chilly weather in the Northeast.

I finally nailed a date down for Braden Charron to return. After a few months of trying it looks like he will be back in the ring and on the mat at Wrestler4Hire. He’s in tip-top shape following his bodybuilding competition season. Will be great to see my old roomie.

Also, Austin Cooper has agreed to make his return to the line-up on December 12th. He’s always a fun guy to be around and is up for any type of match. I think I’m gonna put him on the mat for some competitive amateur/sub style matches. You already know he’s gonna be geared up to battle in the ring. Too worry 😉

I have a birthday coming up. So there’s that. Cake & Ice Cream shall be had. Maybe I’ll force the wrestlers to honor me at the upcoming shoots. Make them throw their King a party 😉 Speedos, ice cream and wrestling is not a bad day at all. I think you can agree.

Regarding the site, I’m debating on increasing the number of releases per month. Also, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a Netflix style site. It would allow you to have access to 150+ streaming matches each month for less than a single video download. Very similar to Netflix but for wrestling. I guess you’d call it the WWE App with sexier wrestlers. (Man, I wish I could hire John Cena, Randy Orton & Dolph Ziggler to do matches)

What are your thoughts on this?

Already focusing on making 2018 the best yet!
Always looking for feedback that will help grow the site and experience, so don’t be afraid to shoot me an email with your thoughts.

Let me update you on some things…


Los Angeles – December 5th to 8th 
Shooting in North Hollywood on December 6th

Tampa – December 11th to 19th
Shooting in Tampa on December 12th

Boston – December 20th & 21st


December 6th:

May also appear: Jobe Zander & Trenton Ducati

December 12th:

May also appear: Brute Baynard & Max Quivers

Make your own fantasy video by emailing me, info@wrestler4hire.com

Weekend Fun in NYC and upcoming trip to Los Angeles

Spent a long weekend in NYC with some friends prior to the shoot on Saturday. Flew in Thursday afternoon and went out that night with the group in Manhattan. To say it was a wild night is in understatement…and we didn’t stop until hours after the sun came up.

The next afternoon we wandered around the Metropolitan Museum. Some great paintings in there. I wandered away from my group, so I could go on the prowl for the paintings of Van Gogh & Monet. Caught a local comedy show that evening in Queens that was a good time. Accidentally stayed too long and caught the second show of the evening…..definitely not as entertaining as the first show.

Rise-and-shine, bright-and-early to take our wrestling convoy to the middle of Long Island where we’d be shooting. I was very pleased with what came out of the shoot. Found a new hot stud for the site and Zach Altovito returned, looking as good as ever.

Had a lot of bigger guys for this shoot. Trying to organize things a little more, so matches can be more specific to tastes. Don’t worry, I’ll also keep doing the stuff I’ve become known for. My friends and I shot a few different types of scenes. Pro Wrestling, of course. Also, worked on some locker room matches and sneak attacks before the big match. Found a couple minutes to shoot some tickling videos. Anxious to get it all edited so I can get it ready to release ASAP.

Had a few guys not able to make it, including Tyler Royce who was terribly ill. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery. Hope he doesn’t miss any ring time.

Shoot coming up on December 6th in Los Angeles featuring a more All-American look

-Cali Boy (fka Lorenzo)
-Ace Owens
-Lucky Larson

Looking to add one or two more guys for this shoot in the next couple of days. Perhaps, Jobe Zander or AJ Irons or….I don’t know…is Kyle Bradford still around that area?

Send your custom requests and ideas for this shoot to me via email info@wrestler4hire.com

Let’s see…is there anything else? Everything on the site should be functional. Let me know if there are any concerns or questions. I’ll be having the search program tweaked for additional searchability (is that a word?)

I’m also piecing together a shoot for Florida in December. I should have that finalized by this weekend, so I’ll blog or send a newsletter with those wrestlers and a date.

Almost There

I’ve been keeping busy this week with the site additions. They were ready to go before I expected and that’s made things a bit hectic and made some late nights.

If you haven’t noticed the new updates then let me point them out.

  1. Categories – to the right off the page and on the Wrestlers page is a list of keywords associated with EVERY single video and model on the site. That’s right 400+. I think this will help with finding specific video or models types that you like. I’m sure there will be some additional keywords and I welcome you to send your suggestions.
  2. Size and Design – I had the search bar and social media links made bigger, so it is easier to find the pages and see what you are typing in the search bar. I was having trouble seeing those small items. Also, some useless spacing was adjusted so things aren’t so far apart. I’ll be making additional minor adjustments to spacing on this site in the future.
  3. Testimonials – I enjoyed having the reviews/testimonials available for all to see with honest experiences I’ve had with private session clients, custom video fans and whatever other interactions they’ve had with me. So, I made sure to add them to this site. I will be adding testimonials, so if you’d like to add to the section, send me an email with your experience info@wrestler4hire.com

There were a few more items done, but that had to do with the back-end of the site that no one sees but the editors and me.


I leave early tomorrow for NYC. No, I still haven’t packed. I like the rush of doing it last minute. Just throwing things in a bag and running out the door.

Got a shoot this weekend with the following guys:

Cal Bennett
Tyler Royce
Zach Altovito
Max Quivers
Guido Genatto
Ronnie Pearl
New Guy, Nevada
and a couple others that I’m currently waiting to hear from

I’ve got some room to shoot some custom videos, so if you’ve got something in your mind you think it perfect for this roster, shoot me an email info@wrestler4hire.com and we can discuss if it’s possible to get done at this shoot.

I’ll have access to a pro ring and a locker room with mats.


I hopped in on a recent shoot that my buddy did in Tampa. He’s working on a Superhero website and I helped find him some wrestlers that were down to do it. Cali Boy, Clayton, Blake Starr, Scrappy & Jayden Mayne were all there. I grabbed some matches myself. I was very pleased with how they appeared to come out on camera and am anxious to see how they look on a bigger screen.

Filmed some wrestling, tickling and one superhero scene of my own. Here are some pics from Robin (Blake Starr) versus Superman (Scrappy)

Finalizing some editing this weekend, so should have all custom videos ready to go by Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for the patience. This next batch should go a lot faster now that I’ve solved a few issues with the process.

If you are in NYC and wanna meet up…or maybe even come by the shoot on Saturday then shoot me a message and let’s see if it’s possible.

I think that updates everything so far.

Keep the feedback coming!

Busy, busy, busy

I’ve been trying to do better at keeping up on my blogs and newsletters. So far, I’ll give myself a B for my success. I’ve definitely been doing better at the newsletters – keeping you updated on my life, in the know regarding new releases and giving out a few coupons and discount codes in the last two weeks. If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter, click on JOIN MAILING LIST at the top of the screen and add your e-mail. I’m random and throw out secret deals sporadically throughout the year (including 2 just this past week for various users)

The shoot in Tampa on Friday went well. All the guys got along well and I took some feedback on gear. I think I’m heading in the right direction. Just ordered a whole new lot of speedos and swimwear. I’ll be receiving them over the next few weeks, so hopefully by the November 11th shoot in NYC.

Anyway, back to the Tampa shoot. Matty O’Boy and Mr. E came by to help out with the camera work and back rubs. I strongly recommend if you ever run into Mr. E, you convince him to rub your shoulders. It’s great. Just ask Ace Owens or Jonny Firestorm or Chace LaChance or the endless list of guys who’ve been massaged by the masked masseuse. Was great having a dominating heel like Guido Genatto around to destroy all these cocky pretty boy wrestlers and even some muscle heads who haven’t learned that the real alpha-male is Guido.

Ended the night with an oil wrestling Main Event with Scrappy taking on Marco Thunder while all the guys watched. It wasn’t necessarily the most intense match, but what do you expect after a few drinks on a Friday night. It was 20 minutes of two hot bodies sliding around on top of each other until I decided the fun was just starting.

I’ll be heading north this weekend for a couple days. I am in Boston & Providence area October 27th & 28th.

Working on a Superhero shoot Nov 4th in Tampa with Scrappy, Cali Boy, Clayton, Jayden Mayne & Blake Starr. If you have any suggestions or custom requests for those guys, shoot me an email info@wrestler4hire.com 

November 9th through 12th, I will be floating around near NYC. Would like to meet up with a few friends in the city for a wild night out before the shoot on 11/11.

Here is the line-up for NYC:
Zach Altovito
Cal Bennett
Ronnie Pearl
Joe from Adonis Lounge
Nevada (New Guy)
Max Quivers

Potential Wrestlers: Guido Genatto, Zach Reno and/or Lon DuMont

After these shoots, I’ll be heading to Los Angeles and Chicago for two more shoots in December.

That is pretty much it for this update. Join the mailing list. It’s worth it.

Keep the feedback coming. It’s the only way I can become the best wrestling company out there.

An update, a few good men, upcoming shoots & more

It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to do a blog, especially when I’m still waiting for the hotel in Spain to reimburse me, so I can purchase a new laptop (as you’ll recall mine was stolen). I decided I would ask a friend to borrow their computer to make this blog a reality.

Things have been very productive over the last month. I’ve been wandering around doing private wrestling matches and scouting new talent. A couple fun matches and one, let’s say interesting match. I enjoy doing session wrestling. It’s a fun way to travel and meet people. Far more often than not, I have a great time and meet someone who I stay in touch with.  I’ll save the “interesting” story for last.

Let’s hear about the good stuff.

Well, I’ve been living in a hotel room for the last two weeks and am finally back in my own bed. I had decided to do a shoot out in Los Angeles, as there has been lots of hot, new guys out that way, plus I had to meet with Ron Sexton and a few other business associates for various reasons.


The shoot went well. We filmed over 15 wrestling matches including a Halloween party. It was great to meet Lance Hart & Trenton Ducati. I’ve seen them all over the internet and they were cool guys to meet with. Mr. Ducati was surprised at how much energy went into these matches and gave kudos to all the talent involved as being in fantastic wrestling shape.

Instagram stud, Cali Boy was a hell of an addition to the roster. 6’1″ and 180 pounds. The boy next door good looks and his quick learning of the wrestling scene is gonna lead to him returning many times over the next few months.

Also, Clayton (who was suggested to me by a fan) was amazing. I’ve never seen a stronger looking 145 pound wrestler. His body drenched in sweat and his muscles strained made for an exciting match every time he climbed into the ring.

The site is heading in the right direction. My six hour meeting with Ron Sexton was really more two buddies hanging out. He gave me a scenic tour of his neighborhood…and I suggested we become neighbors 😉 Enjoyed a nice dinner at a small cafe near North Hollywood. It’s great getting to know a legend in the wrestling business and hearing his stories. He’s got a lot of knowledge, kindness and stamina.

We discussed some details that I wanted to work out for the site and over the next few weeks we will be implementing them. I expect things to become more user-friendly.

Also, I finally got to go to Adonis Lounge in West Hollywood. Thanks to Matt for the hospitality. We will definitely be working together in the next few weeks to do another West Coast shoot. If you haven’t checked out Adonis Lounge in LA or NYC, I suggest you do. Plenty of studs in there.


October 17th: Ethan Axel Andrews, Alvin James, Charlie Panther & Austin Tyler

October 20th:
Guido Genatto, Cam Zagucci, Ace Owens, Blake Starr, Ryan Zivens, Chase Sinn, Marco Thunder, Scrappy and two new guys.

November 11th: Zach Altovito, Cal Bennett, Ronnie Pearl, Joe from Adonis Lounge, Stone (New Guy from ATL),  Alex Oliver and more

Will be doing something in Chicago area & Los Angeles area in December and January. Keep sending in the wrestling recommendations and custom match requests: info@wrestler4hire.com

The Story You’ve Been Waiting For….Or Maybe Not:

While out in Los Angeles recently, I met up for a session with someone I had never met, but had seen their name many times on the internet. I show up to the session and meet a good looking guy who is in very good shape.

We chatted a bit, as it custom in any first meeting, and he admitted that he had posted my videos on the internet after he purchased them to help spread awareness of W4H. The videos are copyrighted material and it is illegal to post them like he was doing. I was less than happy when he brazenly admitted to doing so….he said it was my responsibility to “police the internet” for the videos he posted. THEN he told me his real-life job was a lawyer. WOW! I couldn’t believe this guy.

It gets more interesting. This guy reaches up into his cupboard to reveal a brown box. Inside he pulls out a 32 ounce bottle of CHLOROFORM!!!! Now, this makes me nervous. I was hired to do a playful wrestling session and now this guy, whom I don’t know, shows me his secret weapon.

What a wild night?! I got out of there and have been sharing this story with my friends. One, who is a lawyer in Chicago, told me that I could have this guy debarred for him knowingly breaking copyright law. I’m not sure what I’ll do, but it was definitely a unique experience.

After I left there, I needed something more tame, so I walked a few blocks over to another house, where I dressed up as Spider-man and chased my victim around his house. What will my next LA trip bring? Never a dull moment in Hollywood 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this update.

Lots to say

A lot has gone on since my last blog post.

I am currently sitting at my apartment outside Tampa debating whether or not I’ll be sticking around for this crazy storm that seems to be coming right for me. I’ve looked into going to Atlanta for a few days and will be making a decision later tonight or tomorrow. Apparently, you can’t buy flood insurance when a storm is already on its’ way. Oops. Hopefully things blow over (no pun intended) and the damage will be very minimal.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been putting together three (3) film shoots with various talents, especially lots of new faces. Waiting to finalize 2 of the shoot dates, but I have confirmed 1 and expect the other two to be confirmed next week.

September 28th, I will be filming in Southern California. So far I have the following committed to coming: Jobe Zander, Chace LaChance, Lance Hart, Trenton Ducati, an Instagam stud and a couple others.

I shall post more about the other two shoots shortly.

Did a little back-packing around Europe with a couple friends this past month. Well, back packed for about half the trip until I got to Barcelona and had my back pack stolen from the hotel office. Everything inside was taken, too. Passport, wallet (credit cards, debit cards, license, social security card, etc.), laptop, watch and a few other random items. I reported it to the police and got a new passport at the Consulate, so at least I was able to travel back home.

I thought that was going to be the worst part of the trip, but I was wrong. The very next day I was wondering around the Ramblas and Gotic area of Barcelona with my friend. We were looking for something, but realized we were walking in the wrong direction and turned around. Only a couple minutes later did we see crowds of people running from the street we were just on. We thought they were late for something. Boy, were we wrong.

We didn’t realize it until nearly 15 minutes later, after receiving several text messages checking to see if we were okay. At first, I thought people were just checking on me because I had my bag stolen and was without several important items. Apparently, we dodged potential harm but less than a handful of minutes. The next few hours were very edgy and confusing. We spent another 36 hours in Barcelona before heading out to the South of France.

On the train ride to France, I was kicked off the train. I don’t speak any languages more than a few words other than my native English. It was early in the morning and I had sprawled out to relax on the 3+ hour ride to Montpellier (France). The conductor (is that what they are called?) said something to me in Spanish, to which I responded that I do not understand what he said. He made an angry gesture, which amused me, so I smiled and took my feet off the seat. Apparently, smiling makes people even more upset and he continued to say things in obvious anger in Spanish. I told him I only speak English, so I cannot understand what he is trying to tell me. He aggressively asked for my passport and ticket. He laughed when he found out I was American and even made a remark while chuckling to his assistant about it. There was no need for any frustration on his part.

Well, to make a long story short, that was my first time being pulled off the train by police. They threatened me with jail time, even leading me to the police cruiser and opening the door. Luckily, I recorded this interaction, so I had that for my protection. Which is why they threatened me with being arrested. The police claimed it was illegal to record them. I asked to speak to the supervisor but was told “I am the boss” by the officer. Definitely not my favorite travel experience.

Before that and after that I had a good time though. Landed in London early on a Thursday and explored the city a bit before heading up to Birmingham to wrestle on a live pro event with some friends of mine. The show was small and intimate. Definitely great being back in action. Looking forward to more matches this fall.

From England, we went to Segovia (Spain) and Madrid. Segovia is a gorgeous town that’d I’d definitely recommend checking out. Madrid was alright. Not as much to see there as I expected. Saw my first (and last) bull fight. Not what I expected at all. And I’m not sure, but the event staff didn’t seem to allow us to leave. Again, language barrier, but we were chauffeured back to our seats to finish the show. A few American girls behind else watched the bull fights from behind the hands.

We hopped in the car and drove to Barcelona through Zaragoza. Decent lunch stop. I was asked by the local police to put my shirt back on. I didn’t question it. Anyone know why this is?

France was great. Just what I needed up in the French Alps. Gorgeous area. Probably my favorite spot on the trip and I’ll likely find an excuse to go back.  I wish I had my phone linked to my computer, but that laptop was stolen so I’d have to email the photos to myself in order to post them, so hopefully my words are enough to get you to google the area. Caught a great sunset in Andre The Giant’s fictional hometown. Would you believe not one monument of the legend in the area?

Hopped on a plane to Rome and met up with another friend there. Rome was packed and sweaty. Great to see some of the all-time great sights like the Coliseum and Vatican. I snuck a couple photos in the Sistine Chapel. Got some great footage of the Coliseum at sunrise. I’m not sure I saw everything I should’ve while I was there. It looked smaller than I expected and it seemed every piece of architecture was incredible.

We sat waiting for a little movie scene to be shot near one of the monuments, but we got bored, so decided to finish our drinks and head to bed.

Also, saw Florence & Venice. Two beautiful places. I saw many early sunrises to catch some video and photos of these beautiful places. I’ll definitely go back to Venice, but not during August. Too sticky, even with me being from Florida.

In Florence, I saw the famed Statue of Cameron (fka Statue of David) and another statue of me and one of my opponents (see above)

I enjoy getting into other countries and exploring places outside what I am used to. Plenty of the world left to see, so looking for any excuse to go. Let me know if you have a good one for me.

It’s just about 8pm on Friday. This hurricane looks like it’s coming right for me, so I’m going to put the important stuff up on high shelves and get some clothes together in case I decide to leave. I’ve had a few friends invite me to their place, but I feel like this is a good excuse to go on a mini trip. Maybe Atlanta. Maybe Charlotte. Anyone got a place to crash or wrestle? Would like an excuse to get out of dodge before the waters flow in and I have to doggy paddle my way inland.

Sneak Peek

I’ve completed some more work so I figured I’d give you a quick look at a few pics from the last two shoots. Filmed 35+ that will be going onto the website over the next 2 to 3 months. Keep an eye out for the return of Ace Owens. The debuts of Austin Tyler, Coleman Free & Christian Satinall. Some extra hot matches starring Nathan FX, Jax Brewer, Cal Bennett, Zach Reno, Elite Eliot, Blake Starr, Matty O’Boy, Jobe Zander and others.

Been scouting a couple new filming locations. Found a couple in Los Angeles, have one or two I’m looking at in New York City and a few in Florida. Looking to film in Los Angeles & NYC in September. Will probably do a few private wrestling sessions and maybe a pro wrestling show or two in those areas.

Will be wrestling near Birmingham, England in a couple weeks. If that goes well, I expect to get back into the pro scene during this winter season. If you know any good wrestling leagues, let me know.

Without further ado….

How time flies

I thought I did a blog entry a couple weeks ago. Imagine my surprise when I logged in and realized it has been a month since my last post. Now don’t think that I’ve been lazy. I almost feel a little behind right now, even though I’ve been working almost everyday. Apparently, doing two shoots on back-to-back weekends and driving North to South on I-95 then back again wasn’t the easiest task.

The shoot went in New Hampshire went well. I had worried about the possibility of rain on the day of, which would have ruined my ideas for filming outside during the summer. At first, it was actually too hot to film outside…at least on the black vinyl canvassed wrestling ring. Every time your body touched the mat you’d instantly feel the heat. As a group we decided to film in the basement and on some smaller wrestling mats in the shade at my buddy’s place until the ring was useable. I think all three scenes (the basement, the ring and the mats background by the New England woods) made for great visuals. Definitely gave me some ideas about finding other potential locations to film wrestling matches. Open to suggestions, for sure.

The night before the shoot, a few guys and I attended Ring of Honor in Massachusetts to visit some friends and have a fun, low-key night of entertainment. Got a great hook-up on some ringside seats and it’s possible if you tune into ROH TV that you may see me high-fiving some of my friends on their way to the ring. The crowd wasn’t nearly as big as I expected, which made me want to get back into promoting pro wrestling events. I was pretty good at arranging a good range of talent to perform and convincing a fair amount of fans to attend.

I recently did some traveling to the Southwest with some business friends. Had a great time and saw some incredible sights. What a beautiful part of the country.

Postponed my Euro-Trip for a couple weeks. Seems to be happening often with this travel itinerary. No worries. Things will work out. Looking like this is the schedule: London (Aug 10-15), Spain (Aug 16-18), Southern France (Aug 19-21), Switzerland (Aug 22),  Rome ( Aug 23-25), Venice (Aug 26-28)

Open to matches along the way, advice on what to see, potential tour guides and other stuff, so If you are in that travel path, please, hit me up and let’s chat.

What’s on my plate this week: Well, I’ve edited 37 or 38 videos and have finally converted them all. Halfway through the photos from both shoots, so about 2500+. Must start on movie trailers for this videos, follow-up on (the never-ending) e-mails then do write-ups/descriptions on the matches.

Have been liking the website videos more and more. Glad to see things heading in the right direction as far as improvements. Matty O’Boy & Zacky Darlin have been fantastic additions and solid guys all-around. Cal Bennett has been great in his return to wrestling. Glad he happened to be flying back into the country when I texted him that day. Talk about fate. Lots of good additions to the site and roster. I think 2017 will finish up surpassing what’s come to this point, which has me excited to see how great 2018 will be for the site.

Think that is everything  I had  (or wanted to) say. Hope you are enjoying your summer wherever you happen to be today. I’m off to work on a few things before bed. Only one am here, so I’ll be up for another 2 or 3 hours getting shit done 🙂

Oh yeah, I know what I wanted to mentioned…thanks to you, I surpassed BG East in Facebook “likes” and followers. Pretty stoked about that. Hoping to keep growing and improving. Thanks for your help and feedback…and most of all for your support. I’ve been very lucky. So thank you dearly.