What’s been happening?

Been super busy lately…even more so than normal.

Had a fantastic shoot this past Saturday. Trying some new stuff and invited some “twinks” to come wrestle for me. Was pleasantly surprised with how well it went…and was blown away by the new guy, Dustin, who is a handsome lightweight wrestler with a fully filled speedo.

Dashing Dustin

Shot with a 5 new guys, which had me hesitant. Things turned out well after a slow start. I did a live Facebook post a couple times during the shoot to offer an inside look. Hope you enjoyed that. Planning to do it more often.

5-Way Lightweight Free-For-All

Jayden Mayne showed up in phenomenal shape. Best shape I’ve ever seen him in.

Jayden Mayne in top shape

I’ve been editing all the videos from this weekend, doing write-ups, editing photos and will finally be making movie trailers, so I can upload all this fresh content to the site to start releasing.

Speaking of releases: WOW! I’m more impressed seeing the content on the site than I was filming it or seeing it back after I edited it…and that’s saying a lot. Marco Thunder, Cam Zagucci, Tyler Royce, CJ Reznik, Nick Sparx, Max Quivers and Rendell Zebu are excellent additions. If you haven’t seen them, yet, I strongly recommend checking them out. You may find a new favorite (or certainly a Top 5 find). Each bring their own special allure and appeal.

The MEMBER VIDEOS area has become a hell of a deal lately. I’ve uploaded some of the recent content to be released there. For $29.95, I don’t think you’ll find a better deal on the internet for the amount and quality of content you’ll get. Drake Marcos, Brad Barnes, Cam Zagucci, Tyler Royce, Nick Sparx and much more available there. Take a glance.

I’ve been trying to kill it with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and expect that to help grow the business end, so I’ll be able to do more matches and shoots. If you have any other ideas who I can expand the audience, please, I’m all ears. Shoot me an e-mail at info@wrestler4hire.com

I’ve been organizing 3 more shoots including one back in my home state and one in Florida at the end of the month. That’s 3 shoots for my site just this month. I’ll be finalizing my Midwest shoot for April 14th in the next day or so and am I excited about some new models/wrestlers that I’ll be using there, as well as a returning model or two.

While I’m in the Midwest (Indianapolis), I’ll also be traveling to Chicago & St. Louis for matches. Perhaps, I’ll even wander over to Des Moines (Iowa) for a match or two. Definitely looking forward to getting some physical action in, especially after spending so much time in front of a computer screen recently.

I will be in Boston area briefly in a few days. Not sure I’m going to have a bunch of time for Pro vs. Joe sessions, but I’d definitely like to.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are coming together nicely. As well as Dallas, Austin & Houston trips.

I’m going back to work now. Hope you enjoyed this update.

“Hey! That’s Cameron from Wrestler4Hire!”

Hey! I’m just getting back from my road trip to New Orleans. What a blast? Mardi Gras was wild. I cannot believe I waited so long to check it out for myself. Definitely gotta go again next year. I think one of the coolest parts of the whole experience was being recognized in public.

“Hey! That’s Cameron from Wrestler4Hire!” being shouted down Bourbon Street is certainly a memory I’ll have for awhile.

Actually it was the second time in a couple weeks that happened. I was out with some friends in Tampa and I met another fan. Caught me by surprise, especially since I had a couple adult drinks in me. Glad I made the move back south!

I caught a little bit of a cold on my trip. Lack of sleep, lack of proper eating, drinking too much and kissing strangers is never a good combo for my immune system, but I think I’m over the worst of it.

Been working on setting up two shoots this month. One for March 11th and one for March 31st. Here is a list of the studs that will be a the shoots so far. Things may change and a few others may show up last minute.

March 11th:
Nick Sparx
Jayden Mayne
Josh (New Guy)
Ryan (New Guy)
Matt (New Guy) – Met him out in Tampa one night with some friends. I think he will be a great addition and help get me some more twinks to the site. What do you think?

March 31st:

Tyler Royce
Chase LaChance
Marco Thunder
Jobe Zander
Hugh Hunter
Ronnie Pearl

and you never know who else may show up.

If you have any custom fantasies and video requests, shoot me an email info@wrestler4hire.com and I’ll do my best to accommodate. I plan to be very busy with these shoots, so send me your ideas and requests in advance, please.

Other News:

I’ve been doing a lot of video editing, graphic design and social media work for the site. It’s kept me fairly busy. After I do this blog, I’m writing a Newsletter, which you should sign-up for.

I have a few emails to handle later on, too. I expect to be busy up until next weekend’s shoot in Tampa then I may take a few day off to visit family and friends in the north. Let me know if you want to meet up while I’m around the area. Probably Boston/Providence and north. I’ll post a travel schedule in the newsletter….so please sign-up 🙂

I think that is all for now. I’ll do my best to hold off from getting too sick, so I can keep the steamy action coming to you.

Bye for now 🙂


Road Trip

Hey! I’m sitting here at almost 4am and I’ve been thinking about doing a little tour around the United States.

Currently, I am based out of Tampa area. I put together a little road trip…and I’m hoping I can find matches along the way.

Here is what I’m thinking…a road trip starting this upcoming weekend or maybe in a few weeks. I think I’d like to make stops in the following places to sight seeing and to experience those areas:
-Panama City (Florida) —>  2 Days
-Mobile (Alabama) —> Quick Stop
-Baton Rouge & New Orleans (Louisiana) —> 2 or 3 Days
-Shreveport (Louisiana) —> Overnight
-Dallas, Austin & Houston (Texas) —> 4 Days

I am open to other sights and stops, so give me suggestions. If you are along the route (or not too far off the route) and would like to meet up for a Pro vs. Joe Session or Private Match or maybe just to do a little Meet-and-Greet let me know. I plan to do this trip over a week or 10 days.


I am also planning to travel in March & April to the following:
-Los Angeles, San Francisco & Las Vegas
-Chicago, St. Louis & Des Moines….maybe Indianapolis and others
-Boston & NYC
Working on spending a few weeks in Europe this summer (June or July)
-England & Wales
So, please, let me know if you want to set something up with me.
As well, give me your suggestions on where I should travel next. I have been craving a reason to go to the Northern states of Montana, Wyoming & the Dakotas. Maybe even Nebraska, Arizona, Utah and West Texas this Autumn. Thoughts?
I’m going to try to get some rest. Long days lately and I expect much of the same for the foreseeable future.

Top 5 Jobbers

As I lay here in my hotel bed on the eve of an upcoming shoot, I sift through my Roster page debating who I would give my endorsement as a great jobber. I think I’ve done it.

1) Alex Oliver

When I was first told of Alex Oliver, I admit I didn’t know exactly what I was getting, but from the moment he walked in the door I knew he’d be a fan favorite. As soon as he put on a speedo and was wrapped up in a sleeper hold, I knew he’d be a great jobber. Alex is from a small town and attends a small university where he enjoys the college life. Smarter than you’d expect and great eye candy.

His matches versus Guido Genatto (This One & That One), versus Damien Rush (Knocked Out & This One) along with vs. Mark Muscle (Fantasy Fight), Chet Chastain (Loser Gets Spanked) and The Mountain (My Nuts, Bro) are amongst my favorites he’s been in. Of course, there is the favorite Gut Bash featuring him and Sgt. Stiff

2) Mark Muscle

This guy is fucking impressive. A gift to me from Brendan Cage and I can never thank him enough. Six foot, four inches (maybe 6’5″) and 270 pounds of Grade-A beef.  Although, he has shown his power and dominance. I like when he suffers better. Lately, I’ve filmed a bunch of matches featuring him as a jobber that are getting ready to be released on this site.

As for my currently released favorites of Mr. Muscle, I’d say his match versus Guido Genatto (Forced To Flex) and his match with Mike Splitz (Split & Stretched), even though he’s not the jobber in the video. Keep an eye out on the upcoming releases where Mark is punished by Austin Cooper, The Mountain & Flash LaCash. All were good, in my opinion.

3) Johnny Jobber

Holy shit! Can this guy take a beating. I get requests from wrestlers on my Roster to allow them to destroy this young man. I’ve known Johnny for 5 years when he first broke into the pro wrestling business. He’s always been a jobber at heart. Reminding me a lot of myself, just happy to be living his dream, even if he is the play-toy for the bigger and more experienced pros.

His match with Guido Genatto (Available Soon) blew us all away from the sidelines while it was being filmed THEN he followed up that beating by being defeated by Flash LaCash (Unleashed)

4) Zach Reno

I got a ton of e-mails about Zach. He’s real easy going. Definitely a man’s man; skilled in carpentry and other hands-on labor. I met Zach at BG East and ran into him again on the pro wrestling circuit. He’s definitely a fun, competitive match with the right opponent. Unfortunately, for him at least, he suffers so well and puts on a great show as the victim.

It’s hard to pick a favorite match where Zach is getting his ass kicked. He takes a whooping’ so well. He was just in town last week and filmed several new faves, but those aren’t ready for the site…yet. Soon, I promise.

I will vouch for his destruction (and his balls, too) at the hands of Guido Genatto (Click Here – Ouch) and how could we forget the first time he and Guido met…when Guido UNLEASHED on the little guy. He took Ethan Andrews spot in “Jobbers Need Love, Too 2” and I found his match with Florida boy, Austin Cooper in Gym Jock Studs to be very exciting.

5) Cal Bennett

I couldn’t leave Cal off this list without feeling weird about it. He’s hard to get nailed down to shoot with, but he’s worth the wait for sure. I look forward to shooting with him when he returns to the states. He’s a stud and it’s always hot to watch him suffer.

Cal was one of the first victims of Chet Chastain’s recent heel-turn (Seen Here) and he was stuck in a cage against natural-heel Lon DuMont (Cage Torture). I think he suffered best when he was pitted against two opponents: Flash LaCash & Ty Alexander (Double-Teamed) As I said, I will be pumped when he let’s me know he’s back in town and wants to film.

Honorable Mention:  Z-Man, Jayden Mayne and Marc Merino

Share your opinions. What do you think?

Top 5 Heels

Where to start? Where to start?

Let’s chat about this past Wednesday. I had a quaint shoot that produced some solid matches with some old friends. We sat around wearing speedos, eating pizza and watching Deadpool while chit chatting about wrestling, football and politics. It wasn’t my most efficient shoot, but over the course of 8 hours, I was able to record 11 matches including some oil wrestling, a real submission match, a Superman battle and a couple ball bashes.

Near the end of the shoot, I gathered a few of my friends to do a live Q&A chat on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/wrestlecameron) and I will be leaving the video up for a couple more days, so make sure you check it out. Guido Genatto was the main focus of the chat, but it was great to watch the interactions between him, Drake Marcos, Zach Reno, Brad Barnes and the new guy, Cam Zagucci.

These chats are getting better and look for some input on who you’d like to chat with next.

I’ve spent the last few days editing video and uploading new content. Will be gathering screenshots and making trailers for the website over the next week. I expect to put up some fresh matches this week and next. I hope I’m filming stuff you like and are deciding to purchase. I like the creative aspect of producing matches, but I am starting to miss the action, so I may step into the ring and/or on the mat real soon.

Started an Instagram account to show off photos and hopefully attract some interests in the website. (www.instagram.com/Wrestler4Hire)


I want to keep doing this, but need to make sure that things are selling on the site. It’s been up-and-down throughout the year and hope that 2017 is a break-through year as far as the site’s success. I will continue to make adjustments in hopes of becoming the top website for underground wrestling.

Here is my Top 5 Heels list for my roster


  1. Guido Genatto
  2. Will Favero
  3. Flash LaCash
  4. Damien Rush
  5. Lon DuMont

Who is in your Top 5?

Will be announcing my travel schedule for the rest of the Winter and Spring of 2017 soon.

I think I covered everything for this post. Back to editing for me.

Holiday Post

Finally! Yes, finally. After running into numerous issues with the blog and website I am now able to post an updated blog entry. A lot has gone on as far as improvements to the site and fixes to issues that popped up. Thanks for your patience with these problems.

Thank you for the kind birthday wishes. I had a blast on my birthday in London. Got lots of cool gifts from fans, friends and family. Bunch of great books and cards. Much appreciated.

I have some plans to re-launch the more simple website that used to have before this. Not sure if it’s a wise idea or not, so I could use some input. I’d maintain and keep this site up-to-date, but would use the other one as a secondary site for people who found it simpler to use.  Thoughts?

Spent a week in England recently with a friend. I always enjoy spending time over there. Was refreshing to get away from my hometown and experience some more European culture. Went to a Christmas party with some friends in Central England. Man, those guys really know how to have a good time. Looking forward to my next trip north. Stopped by the National Gallery in London during my vacation. Great seeing some Van Gogh art. Probably my favorite painter to see art of.

Did a few Christmas activities while in London, like checking out Winter Wonderland and caught a couple Peter Pan plays. My favorite being the one at the National Theatre. Well-done for sure. Very enjoyable.

Took a quick trip to Iceland. Wow! What a beautiful country. Definitely need to return during the Summer months to catch a few more things that I want to check off my list. Even caught a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Strongly recommend going to Iceland.

As for upcoming plans, I have a shoot planned for January 4th in Northern New England. My last one before heading south for the winter (or for good). Right now the roster is looking pretty great….
-Guido Genatto
-Drake Marcos
-Brad Barnes
-Braden Charron
-Chet Chastain
-Zach Reno
and possibly, Cam Zagami.

I hope this all goes as planned, but I always expect a hiccup or two. However, it always works out. If you have a custom video request, shoot me an e-mail and we will see if we can make it happen. info@wrestler4hire.com 

Like I said, I’ll be heading south after this shoot. Will be wrestling my way south with my schedule looking like this: January 5th – NYC; January 6th – Philadelphia & Washington, DC; January 7th – Washington, DC; January 8th & 9th – South Carolina & Georgia; January 10th – Florida.

Drop me a line if you want to schedule a beating 😉 info@wrestler4hire.com

I will also be heading to Los Angeles & San Francisco in late January or early February. Dallas area and Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis & Iowa will also be on my list. Anywhere else I should venture to?

Doing a Facebook Live chat with Guido Genatto on January 4th at 9 PM (Eastern Time)…may have some surprise guests on as well, so make sure you check it out. The chat will last about 30 minutes and will give you a personal inside look at one of the most vicious heels on the underground (and pro) scene.

Hope Christmas was great and be safe this New Year’s Eve. I will be hanging around my hometown with family and friends then heading off to Boston around January 3rd before I make the drive back south.

Looking forward to feedback.

Road Trip


Just got to my hotel. Been on the road for the last week or so. Fairly exhausted but having fun.

Went to upload some fresh new matches this evening, but realized I didn’t have the screen grabs for some matches and that I needed some assistance from Ron Sexton and another buddy. Should have the screen grabs done by tomorrow. Hoping to hear from Ron tonight about the other project I need assistance with. I expect to have fresh content up by Monday (if not, Sunday).

Finally got the Coupon Code featured installed. That cost a pretty penny to add-on to the site but will be worth it. Will be sending out the free video coupon as soon as I get the go ahead from the Tech Department.

I will be traveling most of the day tomorrow (and hopefully grabbing some gym time) as I head back up the East Coast towards Washington (DC) and NYC. May have some room for a match or two Sunday (in DC) or Monday/Tuesday (in NYC).  Also, possible that I could meet in Connecticut or Massachusetts on Tuesday evening.

Here are a few sneak peek photos for upcoming matches:

Thanks for your patience and understanding. I will be handling e-mails tomorrow evening and/or Saturday depending on when I find free time along my travels. Looking forward to the feedback and maybe whooping some ass (or more likely having my ass whooped) along the final days of my road trip.

Happy holiday season!



Be careful using John Cotterill out of Manchester, England and his company as I have been taken advantage of for around 2000 U.S. Dollars. John refused to complete our agreement to produce 12 matches for my web site. He had sent 7 out of the 12. I used two on the site, the other 5 were not up to par and the remaining 5 were never produced.

When I spoke to John about this, he was rude and stated the money had been spent and he could not fulfill his end of our agreement. I dislike talking negatively about another company. I do feel “karma” (the universe/life/whatever) will handle him. However, I do wish to let you know to be careful when doing business with him and, perhaps, even refrain from doing any business with this man as I feel he is a thief.

I do not wish to give his web site any business so I will not say it’s name, but anyone who has done business with him will know what I am talking about.

Be safe this weekend.

Site Updates

Finally feeling better so I worked on the website this evening. Everything should have Photo Galleries and Trailers. If I could ask you a favor…anything that does not have a photo gallery or trailer (or has the wrong gallery/trailer linked) could you please let me know so I can fix it.

I should have some new content up shortly. Having the photos and trailers handled right now then I’ll just need descriptions of the matches. I’d expect within the next 2 weeks to have some fresh content.

Always interested in improving the site and impressing you, so please keep me informed on how I can do that. I aim to please.

Being sick and editing

For the past week, I have been editing videos from the weekend before’s shoot. I think I have some very good stuff that’ll interest you. I’ve also been helped with finding a solution to a problem I’ve had since switching over editing programs. Now I can make quality HD video while maintaining a reasonable size file that won’t take forever to download. I’m currently compressing (making the file smaller) about 30 videos. I will need to seek out some other videos already on the site to make them smaller (but still high-quality images). So, I’m pretty excited about that.

Over the last few days I’ve been sick. It’s going around (Austin Cooper was packing Vitamin C to him while he was up here filming) and I knew it was going around. I even took extra care not to expose myself to additional germs. That didn’t work, so I’ve been lying in bed for since Wednesday trying to recover. Forced myself back into the gym today and will be attempting to get back into a wrestling ring tomorrow. I’m still congested but hopefully I can sweat the rest of this out.

I still have a fair amount of used underwear and trunks left. I’d like to get rid of it ASAP, so make me an offer. I get new gear daily and the old stuff won’t ever be used again…and I can’t donate used underwear.

Will be setting up another shoot in a few weeks to film with what I call “Super Studs” and I think that’ll be the best shoot yet. Fingers crossed that I am correct.

That’s all for now. Off to  rest and relax.