Reyes Valenti


Age: 22
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155 pounds

Smart, latin guy working his way through college


  • Video
    Scrappy vs. Reyes Valenti & Cameron

    One of the best parts of being the boss of your own wrestling company is making my hottest wrestl

  • Video
    Drago vs. Reyes Valenti

    Drago’s body is almost too perfect to describe. He’s like the impossible love child o

  • Video
    Reyes Valenti vs. Lucky Larsen

    A dark locker room is a place where fantasies come true. You can practically smell the testostero

  • Video
    Reyes Valenti vs. Max Faber

    Reyes and Faber circle like gladiators in the center of the locker room. Caramel colored hunks wi

  • Video
    Hollywood 5-Way

    A Battle Royale for the ages!   Five pumped up and hot wrestlers go at it in the locker

  • Video
    Cal Bennett vs. Reyes Valenti

    What can we say about Reyes? He’s handsome, smooth, toned, sexy, and knows how to fill out