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  • Mark Muscle vs. Alex Oliver (Fantasy Fight) Added: 07-24-2017


  • Ronnie Pearl vs. Jobe Zander Added: 07-21-2017

    Jobe Zander stares down his young, hot, muscular opponent [more]

  • Guido Genatto vs. Austin Cooper & Joey Angel Added: 07-19-2017

    Description coming soon!

  • Cal Bennett vs. Zacky Darlin Added: 07-18-2017

    Zacky Darlin may look small and scrawny, especially when [more]

  • Cal Bennett vs. Zacky Darlin Added: 07-18-2017

    Zacky Darlin may look small and scrawny, especially when [more]

  • Brad Barnes vs. Rendell Zebu Added: 07-17-2017

    Buff bodied Brad Barnes is sipping a beverage, when he su [more]

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  • Poor #hunk #JaxBrewer gets worked over by #cocky #GarrettThomas! See why he is the #bigman! #domination… https://t.co/1Q7geiii33

    Tue Jul 25 11:05:11 - 4 Favorite
  • #RickyVegas and #ZMan are fine as fuck! Ricky was the last thing Z-Man was expecting #fetish #gaywrestling #fit… https://t.co/Qyz8ggVAiu

    Tue Jul 25 06:30:29 - 5 Favorite
  • #Sexy new fighter, #EliteEliot tries to claw his way to victory as he is tangled up by #heel #GarrettThomas!… https://t.co/VPRXPBu4KA

    Tue Jul 25 03:55:06 - 8 Favorite
  • @RaceyAcey You...son.of.a.gun!

    Mon Jul 24 20:47:57 - 1 Favorite
  • #JaydenMayne really thinks he's really better than me? See what happens when I take him into my bedroom!… https://t.co/BYDRTr5Hxv

    Mon Jul 24 19:55:04 - 6 Favorite
  • Is it so wrong I love watching the torment #heel #FlashLaCash gives #jobber #ChetChastain? #abtorture #abstretch… https://t.co/DmXegz4dC7

    Mon Jul 24 04:10:07 - 7 Favorite
  • One of the original videos I did https://t.co/fBY6cZDd1u

    Mon Jul 24 00:16:22 - 1 Favorite
  • @RaceyAcey Who's that stud ;)

    Mon Jul 24 00:16:00 - 2 Favorite
  • #CalBennett is in trouble from #cocky #hunk #JaxBrewer. See him struggle. Will Jax let him tapout? Jax is vicious!… https://t.co/Y5AmWwdf6T

    Sun Jul 23 21:10:04 - 6 Favorite
  • This is one of my new favorites! #ChaceLaChance and #RonniePearl in a #FantasyFight! #HeroWorship #SpandexFetish… https://t.co/mJqmzulGk3

    Sun Jul 23 15:10:04 - 7 Favorite