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  • KARN vs. Guido Genatto (Alpha-Males) Added: 03-29-2017


  • Drake Marcos & Ty Alexander vs. Marc Merino (Double-Crossed) Added: 03-24-2017

    I figured since I'd had two roommates hanging out tha [more]

  • 5-Way Free-For-All Added: 03-22-2017

    Matty O’Boy is shoved by his boyfriend into the middle of [more]

  • Cam Zagucci vs. Max Quivers (Fantasy Fights) Added: 03-20-2017

    “Superboy is here!”  Don’t be [more]

  • Zach Reno vs. Sgt. Stiff (Dog Collar) Added: 03-17-2017

  • Mark Muscle vs. The Mountain (Squashed) Added: 03-15-2017

    Description coming soon!

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  • This might have been the moment I realized @TY_AlexanderBG REALLY wanted to wrestle me. #sleeperhold #gaywrestling… https://t.co/xLbNJ3VBf0

    Wed Mar 29 19:20:10 - 2 Favorite
  • Plenty of use of the ropes in #DickRick's gauntlet! #Will, #KyleBraun, and #MarcMatthews don't stand a chance.… https://t.co/CwjFqDXkEm

    Wed Mar 29 18:20:10 - 2 Favorite
  • #MarkMuscle is wrapped into a #bearhug by #TheMountain! Can the #musclegod escape or be put to sleep?… https://t.co/4fz5lKW1jo

    Wed Mar 29 17:20:14 - 1 Favorite
  • I'm not sure who enjoys this situation more...#DrakeMarcos and @TY_AlexanderBG or #MarcMerino? #2on1 #gaywrestling… https://t.co/cinb1waGC7

    Wed Mar 29 15:20:14 - 5 Favorite
  • Why did I (Yes, it's me #Cameron) agree to a #ballbash with @TY_AlexanderBG? Damn! https://t.co/OIfC4FELvd https://t.co/o40lQlsKag

    Wed Mar 29 14:20:25 - 5 Favorite
  • #DickRick's gauntlet is a showcase of glistening sweat and domination. Poor #Will, #KyleBraun, and #MarcMatthews!… https://t.co/ADml18tqik

    Wed Mar 29 13:20:22 - 6 Favorite
  • Will #MarkMuscle withstand the force of #TheMountain? #TheMountain may have the #musclehunk caught in his grasp!… https://t.co/HcrRvVvsMu

    Wed Mar 29 12:20:26 - 7 Favorite
  • I really enjoy seeing #ZachReno wrapped in chains by #SgtStiff maybe more than I should. What do you think?… https://t.co/73fZU0ea3x

    Wed Mar 29 11:20:25 - 4 Favorite
  • Which would you like more? Trapped by #DrakeMarcos and @TY_AlexanderBG or applying holds on #MarcMerino? #2on1… https://t.co/muTihoS6fi

    Wed Mar 29 10:20:21 - 4 Favorite
  • I enjoy #CamZagucci as a #jobber in the hands of #MaxQuiver! ...and Max enjoys it, too! Hmmm, those abs...… https://t.co/06dbc6vhIG

    Wed Mar 29 09:20:21 - 3 Favorite